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The year has brought a rush of new recipe search engines designed to solve dining challenges.
So when the day fills up with meetings, it's a recipe for stress.
The best recipe for growth is to raise productivity through structural reforms-but nobody said that was easy.
Better yet, you can adjust the recipe to suit your dog's tastes and health needs.
Coker has come up with a recipe for success called the branded viral movie predictor algorithm.
Double the recipe for the mint syrup if you're planning to make more than one batch of these refreshing summer drinks.
There's also a browser and recipe book, but those are icing.
Add to the mix incentive pay in the form of commissions, and you have a recipe for a full-on educational meltdown.
And it is not obvious that a winning recipe needed more than tweaking.
If anything, this recipe uses ingredients you can easily find at the grocery store and you can use natural dyes for color.
With the recipe it's easy to make a cake, but try to reconstruct the recipe once the cake is finished.
If you're using this as your only main course-instead of serving it with the hanger steak-double the recipe.
Working to please everyone is a recipe for pleasing no one, especially yourself.
The government's recipe for post-natal tensions, for example, is to involve health visitors.
Even if you prefer store-bought soap, keeping a quick homemade recipe on hand for emergencies is worth it.
The fact that this complexity, danger, and emotion exist in such close proximity is a recipe for over-reaction.
Follow the recipe to make your own kimchi, or take a shortcut and use the condiment ready-made from the store.
In a course where the students' grades are averaged, that is a recipe for disaster.
These are so popular that several other local restaurants have copied the recipe.
Check out the recipe here to make the cakes yourself at home, or order some online here.
It turned out the same recipe could be used for human cells as well.
Use pre-cooked shrimp and frozen spinach for this easy recipe.
But if you are using sweeter a recipe with lots of oats you might consider replacing water with milk.
The oldest surviving recipe in the world is for beer.
Mixing free-thinking into a recipe of science has led to modern-day revelations as well.
Here's how to make my grandma's refrigerator pickle recipe.
The recipe is proprietary, but much of the meaty taste comes from yeasts.
Worse, the army was caught after dark in civilian-filled streets, which smart commanders know to be a recipe for disaster.
The idea is that you can measure water into a recipe straight from the tap instead of going via a measuring jug.
Many violin-makers make their own and guard the recipe jealously.
That's one recipe that needs to be changed or the cook, doesn't really matter.
Unfortunately, they do not yet have a recipe for how such policymakers can be created.
My husband has a wonderful garlic pasta-sauce recipe.
There is a substantial recipe collection on the site.
The article chronicled the near impossibility of bringing a recipe to fruition in a conventional kitchen.
Use the same body language and vocal cues you would use when discussing your favorite research or pie recipe.
If ever there were a recipe for poor political leadership, this is it.
Many recipes can be found at the recipe sites listed below.
Working with an adult, track down and try a recipe from that part of the world.
We developed this recipe for ribs, but it's also a winner with steak.
Add a label on the back of the bottle for the recipe instructions.
Pushing for faster completion for some disciplines is a sure recipe for lower-quality dissertations.
We later checked the recipe for the tarantulas in the restaurant's cookbook.
Combine this extraordinary change with the world's human population increasing and you have a recipe for much suffering.
Folks, this is not a recipe for alleviating high gas prices in this decade.
But for the centralized planning of big government to dictate who should be trained and in what subjects is a recipe for disaster.
Despite this largesse, the recipe is almost certain to leave people unhappy.
When your tomatoes or herbs are ready for harvest, choose a recipe to make and share with your family, such as pico de gallo.
Entering any graduate program in which you are not interested in the subject matter is a recipe for disaster.
Weak growth and high unemployment rates are an obvious recipe for discontent.
Add to that a population that is uninsured or under-insured and you have a recipe for disaster.
Where oil is the only resource beyond the subsistence economy, that is a recipe for disaster.
Combine that with automobiles and industry and you have a recipe for disaster.
Economic reform alone is not a recipe for happiness.
Look up the recipe you were going to make and copy the list of ingredients to your email.
Sacking your top bosses while giving little clue why is scarcely a recipe to calm financial markets.
It seemed a recipe for intellectual stagnation and a likely excuse for all sorts of foolishness and misconduct.
Yet shock-tactic advertising is not a foolproof recipe for commercial success.
Whoever makes this recipe and posts interesting comments will get a free book.
Their recipe, too, is an attempt at communicating the group's social and spiritual ideals through the medium of food.
Happier still, after volunteers ate the wings they reported no difference in appearance or taste of the bamboo-enhanced recipe.
Geoduck fishing is heavily regulated, with harvests strictly limited-a perfect recipe for mischief.
For instance, it could let viewers call up stats on a ballplayer during the game or view a recipe from a cooking show.
Add to that the social pressures to get along, and not rock the boat, and you've got a recipe for under-achieving.
Ignorance coupled with desperation and modern technology is not a recipe for peace.
The problem is that no one has perfected the recipe.
Our brains develop according to a recipe encoded in our genes.
Only after they mutated further did their citrate-eating become a recipe for success.
Let's say you want to know the caloric and nutritional information in a recipe you are making for your family.
The recipe for making car ownership less necessary for them requires three main ingredients.
The combination of tight fiscal policy and low interest rates is usually a recipe for a weaker currency.
But excessive levels of investment are not a recipe for sustained rapid growth.
The result is more akin to an arms race, with everyone running to stand still, than a recipe for increasing prosperity.
Revenues from new services would then be used to keep an obsolete infrastructure alive-a recipe for lower growth.
Overconfidence and overtrading are a recipe for poor investment returns.
In the longer term it is a recipe for the euro zone's collapse.
Cover and process for time according to your recipe.
Wishing to be something you're not is the biggest recipe for a sad life.
He even bets the film crew that he can give a sermon about a banana-bread recipe and no one will question him.
Eating all this toxicity and working off the calories, it was a recipe for disaster.
To try wonton plum shortcakes, click here for the recipe.
We suggest you make a small batch first and adjust the recipe to your liking.
We're not suggesting that this recipe has salutary effects, but it is delicious.
Treat this recipe as a basic template from which to have a blast mixing and matching different meats with different cheeses.
There will be take-home recipe cards and some great giveaways.
And buy something that you enjoy eating out of hand, as you'll probably have a few squares leftover after making the recipe.
Here is my recipe for all-purpose egg pasta dough, using the food processor.
The bar makes its own coffee liqueur, but will not divulge the recipe.
The pizza-delivery giant, long mocked for its inferior food, improved its recipe and admitted it could have done better.
Surprisingly, it's a recipe that doesn't include butter.
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