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Details of test water and other media disposed from the receiving end will be recorded.
The operator at the receiving end sees only a slow upward trend in electrical charge, instead of a crisp jump.
Furthermore, takers do not realize how greedy they appear to those on the receiving end.
At the receiving end, the outer ears collect the waves' energy, causing vibrations in the tympanic membrane-the eardrum.
The reaction center, as the receiving end of the cascade, adapts to absorb the lowest-energy available photons.
But no scientist wants to be on the receiving end of what has happened in the last several days.
Energy is being transferred to empty space, although it isn't really heat flow because there is nothing on the receiving end.
Companies on the receiving end made reciprocal inquiries, which led to a bit more clarity.
Governments are on the receiving end only if they have not behaved in a financially responsible manner.
Imperialism hardly ever brings peace to those on the receiving end.
Everyone is at the receiving end on their job, and yet, nothing is changing.
We want civilians not to be on the receiving end of any harm.
On the receiving end, the human ear-a non-linear device with enormous dynamic range-adds to the complication.
The preferences of those on the receiving end could finally inform decisions about what to teach, and how.
Likewise, you may be on the receiving end of tendrils of acquaintance.
As to the occasional bad well, it happens, but it is well deserved by those on the receiving end.
They are only good for police actions where those on the receiving end don't have any serious capability.
The field is better for gaining a more participatory public at its receiving end.
The real question is how to structure the support in a way that generates marginal productivity from those on the receiving end.
Most people on the receiving end have public liability insurance.
To be on the receiving end can feel dismissive and disempowering.
It will be on the receiving end of rumors and tales of woe commonly heard from some professors and students.
Worse than getting conflicting advice from a journal editor is being on the receiving end of insults from a reviewer.
Virtually all physicians are on the receiving end of this communication, but only a relatively few deliver it.
Most importantly, she convincingly warns that the last place you want to be is on the receiving end of her scalpel.
On the receiving end, they reinterpret the sounds back into digital information.
The decoder at the receiving end uses the check bytes to detect and correct any errors that are introduced by noise.
The vibrations were transformed back into sound at the receiving end of the projection.
Ask the vendor to perform an inventory check on the receiving end to verify a complete shipment arrived.
From the customer's point of view, it is desirable to have good power quality at the receiving end.

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