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The receiving school gets to determine which, if any, credits transfer.
Migration also raises the return to capital, hence profits, in the receiving country.
The reason: the bureau has virtually stopped receiving reports of flying saucers.
In hot climates, give them a location receiving afternoon shade.
They seem to fear the feelings of tenderness that are awakened by receiving a thoughtful gift.
But the groups have been tainted with some scandals because their approval is a requirement for receiving federal student aid.
Before receiving an application form, each team leader must submit a pre-application form online.
They found that the less able a student was to pay for college, the lower the student's chances of receiving a merit scholarship.
Companies on the receiving end made reciprocal inquiries, which led to a bit more clarity.
Before receiving an application form, each project director must submit a pre-application form online.
Each signal cancels out part of the other at the receiving antenna.
He is the first researcher to be permanently barred from ever receiving federal research grants again.
Increasingly, online content is receiving the same treatment-with promising results.
After receiving an application, the project director must complete and submit their application online.
After receiving a transplant of ovarian cancer cells, mice were restrained to cause stress.
Before receiving an application form, the team leader must submit a pre-application form online.
The brain is constantly receiving signals from the body, registering what is going on inside of us.
Executives would also be prohibited from receiving any bonuses above their base pay, except for normal stock dividends.
The desert floor is also receiving its share of nitrogen pollution, according to environmental experts.
Others claim such a fee would prevent a large part of the population from receiving nets.
Both were charged with retail theft and receiving stolen property and, of course, they missed their own party.
Those leave one party to the contract with the risk of receiving future dividend payments-a risk that begs hedging.
Receiving training in stress management will make us better at handling the ups and downs of daily life.
Within four months of the quake those who had lost their homes were under shelter, receiving food and chlorinated water.
At the moment, one official body responsible for vetting these new buildings is receiving two or three applications every month.
For example, a communications satellite has large antennae for receiving and sending signals.
The car's receiving coil still needs to be fairly close to the charger's emitting coil.
In neither of the double-blind studies did patients receiving the experimental drug live longer than patients receiving placebo.
But many also know that they are not receiving much of it.
The brain is constantly sending and receiving information.
The cost and logistics of shipping, receiving and distributing bulk water are formidable.
The percentage of the population receiving vaccinations will grow.
Those receiving combination treatment followed the same exercise routine.
Many old people with disabilities will stop receiving home visits from carers.
Fear of receiving a placebo is one such misconception.
The energy density would be able to support cattle ranching on the land over the receiving antenna.
Then they examined how test subjects receiving placebos fared in comparison to groups that had received no treatment.
The are receiving back a softer return signal because of the movement of the blade.
The other tokens were of a different color that resulted in both chimpanzees receiving a food reward.
But in all studies to date, the patients believed they were receiving a real drug.
The cells of an organism are nodes in a richly interwoven communications network, transmitting and receiving, coding and decoding.
Before receiving an application form, each principal investigator must submit a pre-application form online.
And even if he had his back turned, it seemed the receiving frog knew what the message was.
Cold and cramped, receiving no sunlight all year, the alcove would be an extremely gloomy place to live.
Charges for sending and receiving text messages may apply from your mobile phone company.
The internal ear is the essential part of the organ of hearing, receiving the ultimate distribution of the auditory nerve.
The atria are receiving chambers, and the ventricles distributing ones.
Once a card has been admitted, the visitor must be admitted also, no matter how inconvenient receiving her may be.
First, receiving a bailout does not necessarily make a company a utility.
She put in two hours a day at the typewriter, even after receiving the sacrament of the dying.
No, they have no way of receiving faxes, and they are not interested.
All the good stuff happens after the receiving line, when people finally let their hair down.
There is, as several other websites note, more flexibility on receiving hemoglobin.
One of the best things that happened to me as a grad student was receiving the gift of a laptop from my brother-in-law.
Seven months after receiving the bad news, my colleague was still unemployed, but she was not idle.
Allied countries are also at high risk of receiving large migration flows as a result of their intervention.
So if they're receiving aid in excess of their costs, a large portion of that is in the form of loans.
Whether it's right or not, the message the heels convey might not be the message you want the search committee receiving.
If you are both willing to commute, avoid bringing a partner's situation into the discussion until after receiving a job offer.
Many report receiving multiple job offers, with excellent remuneration, even in these difficult times.
As the report highlights, it's not necessarily faculty members receiving those benefits.
Receiving an obvious invitation to vice does not mean it is somehow no longer vice.
Even for journals that you don't subscribe to, your academic library is probably receiving a print copy.
My policy is to get papers back within a week of receiving them.
According to the report, diabetic mice and rats went into remission five days after receiving the insulin-encoding gene.
Furthermore, takers do not realize how greedy they appear to those on the receiving end.
Thus, the primary cilium serves as a sort of molecular antenna, receiving and transmitting signals for the cell.
Other fish, after receiving a morphine injection that blocked the impact of pain, showed no such fearful behavior.
It is possible that the motion is caused by the angle with which both eyes are receiving information.
Receiving such a diagnosis is truly horrifying and everyone has their own ways of dealing with it.
Scientists who are being overpaid have to invent ways to make everything look bad in order to keep receiving paychecks.
The brain is receiving sensory stimuli and making decisions based on that, and yet there is no consciousness involved.
When they're calculated, only those who are currently receiving benefits are counted.
Of those, only one was in the group receiving the drugs.
Indolence and inertia is a problem only with the officials administering the payments, not the workers receiving them.
But by mid-week the airport was receiving three times as many flights as it did before the earthquake.
People from all over the world wanted to make a life in a country long used to exporting people rather than receiving them.
Employees show unfinished work to one another in daily meetings, so get used to giving and receiving constructive criticism.
When receiving a business card, make a show of examining it, then put it into your card case or place it on the table.
But he denies arming or receiving diamonds from them.
And you're not considering who's receiving them-you know someone will read them, but it doesn't weigh you down.
She had feared him dead after receiving funeral notices for some of the friends he served with.
After receiving the injection, the body generates antibodies that respond to the cholera protein and the cocaine.
The exact offenses are still unclear, but three papers have received or are receiving modifications.
Whether we're making them or receiving them, first impressions can have big consequences.
Feels great to have contributed, even in some small measure, to the cover of a book that has been receiving such great reviews.
Even receiving such an enigmatic card pleased me immensely.
But even esteemed faculties have members who have essentially ceased publishing since receiving tenure.
It also upheld the limits on expenditures by presidential candidates as a condition for receiving public funds.
After receiving comments from the public and commercial providers, the agency made the decision permanent this week.
Cell phones communicate with nearby transmission towers when making and receiving calls.
Receiving a pink slip may not be as bad as you think.
The first group will enroll this fall, and the program has already started receiving inquiries.
Receiving an award or not receiving an award in no way diminishes one's talent or value.
And they count on their concierge for everything from receiving deliveries to watering their plants while they're out of town.

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