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Then the receiver lateraled the ball, and the recipient lateraled it again.
To test the device, the team used it as a transmitter rather than a receiver.
What promised to be an interesting fight for the third receiver spot has never developed.
The perception of a threat is in the mind of the receiver and is real to the receiver.
Simply trace your route and upload to your receiver.
The size of the circuitry needed inside a receiver has shrunk.
The receiver refused, offering to postpone the sale instead, but the farmers insisted that they go ahead.
The receiver can log, graph and even tweet that information.
It was a receiver who first spiked a football and a receiver who first thought to dance in the end zone.
The idea of encryption is to make a message unreadable, except to the receiver.
But by sending such a signal, you make your vector of origin known to the receiver.
Once deployed, they can put out enough power to be picked up on the ground by a hand-held amateur radio receiver.
Apparently she didn't even see me as an eligible receiver.
The receiver should be able to detect an eavesdropper and take appropriate countermeasures.
The waves that reflect back to the receiver indicate the object's distance.
The receiver in turn conveys the signals through a tiny cable to an electrode array placed on the retina.
It tells the receiver you use departmental supplies for non-departmental business.
In a mesh, each receiver of a signal also re-transmits it.
The ranger holding the receiver started to get excited-the signal was getting louder.
The wireless mic speaks to a receiver which is hooked up to the portable audio recorder.
The disconnect between the receiver of medical services and the third-party payer is the main reason for high costs.
The receiver tells the sender whether all the diamonds have arrived or not.
The transmission of data is almost instant, regardless of where sender and receiver are.
Visualize a solar energy receiver about the sized of a home heat pump.
Of course, how the receiver of such pictures responds can dampen one's perception.
Unfortunately the plane's transponder communicates with secondary radar, not the primary receiver.
The capsules were propelled by air and whizzed along tubes from sender to receiver.
They happen at the speed and leisure of both the sender and the receiver.
Scientists couldn't aim the telescope's receiver at particular parts of the sky for about a month.
Offer your card with both hands, printed side up and facing the receiver for easy reading.
At the top of a ridge, as bikers roll by, he stops to fiddle with a radio receiver.
Thus sender and receiver must both have the key, and must both keep it secret.
By the time the photons from the originator get to the receiver, only a minute fraction still contain the information.
In fact, the sender must first know the exact location of the receiver.
One piece clips behind the ear and houses a receiver, a wireless transmitter, and attached microphone.
The frame rate of the video would be affected by the relative velocity of the sender and receiver.
It measures glucose levels in tissue and wirelessly transmits that information to an external receiver, such as a cell phone.
It's the first commercial central receiver system in the world.
The sensor could transmit the pressure reading to a receiver on one's watch that displays the data.
The sensor is powered externally by a receiver built into a pillow.
There is no such thing as waves whose magnitude is proportional to the magnitude of the receiver.
The slot receiver had to be helped off the field and into the locker room.
Instead, the receiver automatically calculates its location once every ten seconds.
The receiver would contain infrared blasters to send the signals necessary to control your home entertainment equipment.
Each packet can take a different path from sender to receiver.
The tight spiral cuts wind resistance, improves accuracy, and makes it a lot easier for the receiver to catch.
Four golden crosses are planted in one, to help a radio receiver measure ionospheric absorption.
The receiver is barely down before the phone rings again.
The job of the receiver, then, was to decide what portion of the dividends to return to the sender.
As such, the sender and receiver would be immediately informed that someone was snooping.

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