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Example sentences for receipt

Delivery of the free gift promoted with your subscription usually takes six weeks after the receipt of payment.
From the point of view of energy it is a receipt of higher, clean hydrogen fuel due to breaking up of molecules a gravitation.
Any size gift can be made online, and you will receive an email confirmation as well as a mailed receipt.
Ahmadi only relented when they agreed to give him a receipt.
However, please allow eight months from the board's receipt of your application for the board to formally review and consider it.
Let there be writing before you pay, and receipt before you write.
Review of applications will begin upon receipt, and continue until the position is filled.
Notices will be deemed to be effective upon receipt.
Applications will be reviewed upon receipt and the search will continue until the position is filled.
But they need to be prepared to acknowledge receipt of those materials in a timely and professional manner.
Completion of academic degrees will also be verified through receipt of official transcripts.
We are in in receipt of your resume and look forward to the careful review it deserves.
Since his country is in receipt of the largest emergency food-aid programme in the world, this investigation matters.
Their customers are mostly students and poor families in receipt of housing benefits.
Many are not registered as unemployed or in receipt of benefits so will soon have to ask their in-laws to pay.
The depository-receipt holder can tell the trust how to vote.
But it can be noted by the voter on a detachable receipt at the bottom of the ballot paper.
When he asked for a receipt, they kept us waiting for three-and-a-half hours.
He is in receipt of a final salary scheme and, financially speaking, does not need to work.
Please keep a copy of your receipt with your tax records.
She feels the receipt she pulled from the wastebasket.
Complete a self-registration envelope, tearing off the receipt.
After the purchase goes through, you're sent a digital receipt to your account.
Small objects, such as an invitation or a receipt, go into a pile.
The informant must also sign or initial a written receipt.
Finally, the app gives the purchaser an option to have the transaction receipt e-mailed, and it e-mails the vendor as well.
His receipt of a tape recorder from a friend led to further innovations in the industry.
The easiest way to cheat on one's taxes was to insist on being paid in cash, and fail to provide a receipt for services.
In the place of the confiscated artworks the copies of the police receipt were displayed.
You'll pay the receptionist at the counter and get a receipt before getting a taxi.

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