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Actually, if you take one forward and two back, you slowly recede.
Because they recede they make a shallow space seem deeper.
Others argue that the structure and financing of academe itself have encouraged philosophers to recede from view.
Ceiling panels are divided into jagged shards, and pieces of wall jut out or recede.
As the horizon of a release date continued to recede, the atmosphere at the company's offices grew increasingly unpleasant.
It seemed to advance and to recede as the hail drove before it denser or thinner.
So the galaxies recede from one another because the space between them is expanding.
Subtle shifts in average temperature increase both downpours and droughts while glaciers slowly recede.
But, as the world's glaciers recede, melting ice is also contributing to the rise in sea levels.
Whether the individual reproduces or not, as prime reproductive years recede it becomes less relevant.
As the universe expands and distant galaxies recede from us, their light gets redshifted, thus becoming less energetic.
And the farther the waters recede, the higher anxiety rises.
When floodwaters recede, affected areas are often blanketed in silt and mud.
As floodwaters recede, thousands remain without food or shelter-though foreign aid is on its way.
Low rainfall over the past half century has caused much of the lake to recede.
Where coasts recede because of rising seas, so do the baselines from which such zones are calculated, many scholars say.
While it has been firm so far this year, he argues it will fall noticeably later this year as residual seasonal factors recede.
The likeliest scenario is that a referendum on the euro will recede ever further into the future.
But as growth returned to normal, inflation would recede.
Glaciers visible through living room windows recede up mountain valleys.
She drew a shudder of breath into her aching lungs, and the roaring seemed to recede.
Toward the end their relationship seems to recede into the background as they are swept up in the course of events.
And then something happened in the culture that not only made all this recede, but made people forget that it ever happened.
But this possibility will recede if the presidential campaign turns as toxic as the last two.
Even as their home prices continue to recede, strong outside demand will grow.
Unlike with a river flood, this water does not naturally recede after a week or a month.
Lack of precipitation and a hot summer have caused the lake's level to recede sharply.
Then when the growth waters recede, you're stuck in a no-profit zone with lots of resources and lots of red ink.
We sat back, sipping hot chocolate and watching the narrow waterway recede into the grainy gray light.
For all our commitment to remembering, the past does recede.
The intention is to become so adept that the movements recede in one's awareness and can be performed without reflection.
They become puffy and bright red and start to recede, leaving more and more of the tooth's root exposed.
It's entirely possible that these issues will recede in the coming weeks, but only if the economic news gets worse.
Thanks to dark energy, even the nearby galaxies will begin to recede from us faster than light, and no news of them will reach us.
He could see the water recede but had no means of communication and time was short.
The more space that light crosses, the more the effect is compounded, so the faster the source appears to recede.
Since this effect compounds, the further light travels, the faster the source appears to recede.
But they will also recede, leaving little but a shudder.
It seems to be part of life, too, that things recede into the background or whatever.
Authorities expect it will take a few more weeks for the floodwaters to recede because of continuing rains.
Their birthdays loomed so large that ours could discreetly recede.
Crews will reopen the interchange as soon as waters recede and the road becomes safe to travel.
There is a sad possibility of finding dead animals as flood waters recede.
It is expected that additional damage to dams may be discovered once flood waters recede.
The closures will remain in effect until waters recede.
If the gums recede from the enamel, it exposes the underlying bone and allows infections to start destroying the teeth.
When flood waters recede, water-damaged books are a common problem for returning residents.
As the flood waters began to recede, pipelines began to rupture.
If a well has been covered by flood waters, wait for the water to recede then thoroughly disinfect the system.
Additionally the beach, south point shelter and many of the trails are also closed until lake levels recede.

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