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Example sentences for recapture

There is that core idea in his adventures that the past is mysterious, yet still dangerous, and worth trying to recapture.
The membrane insulates and covers the house, while permitting recapture of the water that falls on it.
There's probably some way to recapture that steam and reuse the water in further power generation.
If vibrations from sound would produce energy envelops of this fabric around machinery could recapture wasted energy.
Then maybe you can recapture some of the excitement and questions that accompany this monumental change.
He may not recapture the same pure sense of wonder he was born with, but he can shape something far more enduring and sustaining.
For that matter, you could blast the water free of the moons gravitational pull and then recapture it to make your shield.
We need to investigate properties of reverse waves to the extent of recharge and standing waves in capture and recapture.
Batteries let a car recapture braking energy that is normally lost through regenerative braking.
He couldn't recapture the loneliness and the idealism that had once been the source of his prodigious concentration.
If progressives wish to recapture popular support, they might reflect on that earlier example.
Poets must recapture the attention of the broader intellectual community by writing for nonspecialist publications.
They cannot take the capital, let alone recapture the country.
Indeed, this overelaborate appendage seems a nostalgic bid to recapture the brashness of his breakthrough commission.
But loosening underwriting standards now to recapture market share lost three years ago is a risky approach.
We need to recapture the principle that you do well, but in the process of doing well, you give back.
Cabins make for a romantic getaway for couples on their honeymoon or those hoping to recapture the feeling of their honeymoon.
GM, meantime, fretted over a lack of youthful buyers and offered a plan to recapture them.
Recapture rates were low over the short time period for our study.
Everybody with a checkbook tried to recapture that film's success, for a while.

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