recapitalization in a sentence

Example sentences for recapitalization

The concern said it was reviewing alternatives to the bid such as a sale, leveraged buyout or recapitalization of the company.
He did not say how the recapitalization would be accomplished.
And the recapitalization through bank profits via trading never held any water.
The recapitalization programs, however, did not realize the problem of overbanking.
Government will take control in return for a substantial recapitalization after losses have meaningfully been written down.
Clues and eyewinks coming from the administration suggest that a primary goal won't be recapitalization.
The big question is where the recapitalization funds will come from.
As with recapitalization, the efforts so far look as if they're in the right direction but too small, so more will be needed.
Plus, the long-term effects of his recapitalization plan are still unknown.
Bugaboo of all corporation managements are plans of recapitalization.
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