rebuttal in a sentence

Example sentences for rebuttal

It would be fine for a revise-and-resubmit, because there would be a chance for clarifying and rebuttal if necessary.
The rebuttal references researchers in this area who have something interesting to say.
There is a theory and a rebuttal for every point you make as well as the other side.
If luncheon meats are to be your rebuttal for scientifically sound arguments, your point of view is dead meat.
It's actually this author's rebuttal to the precautionary principle that is weak.
Frank offered no rebuttal, but the answer he could have made is so obvious.
Illustration of his approach: setting up the opponents' argument in a way that suits the rebuttal he has planned.
The rebuttal is that it is up to people whether they want to take the risk or not.
But denial of scientific observation will invite a rebuttal by the scientists.
Your rebuttal is right in broad principle, but not in current practice.
When there is no logic left to argue, name calling is the ultimate rebuttal of the losers.
The moment they found a valid rebuttal, the teacher's efforts would go out the window.
Every rebuttal is a platform for ideology, ideas are no longer relevant.
Don't bother with the rebuttal unless you have actually been to such places and can debate it without googling anything.

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Delusions that shrink to the size of a woman's glove, Then sicken inclusively outwards: . . . the incessant recital Into... more
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