rebut in a sentence

Example sentences for rebut

They should not only study their own point of view, but be prepared to rebut the ideas of the opposing group.
Or, if you wish to rebut him, do so knowing that he is an army of one and that the community of reasonable thinkers has your back.
As medical researchers patiently rebut each argument, a new one arises.
He wants to rebut the notion that the amendment would forbid state courts from enforcing state laws that provide for civil unions.
So, no one really needs to rebut her points, as they are not her points.
So delete them, dismiss them but keep them here for your readers, or rebut them.
Reviewers aren't always reasonable and authors have a chance to rebut their comments.
The author's attempt to rebut the idea that greenery costs money is similarly hampered by lousy statistics.
If you had actually read my post instead of racing to rebut, you would have seen that.
In particular, it's quite easy to rebut the comments made on this board by those favouring the winner.
There is no evidence that such tests are carried out elsewhere, and therefore you can't use them to rebut my point.
They took your own words and used them to rebut your column.
Where the employer presents substantial evidence to rebut the presumption, the presumption falls from the case.
Evidence presented to rebut an obviousness rejection compared catalysts containing sodium with the prior art.
Other evidence may be requested to rebut the claimant's but must be sufficient to disapprove the allegation.
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