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Not everyone is qualified to repair or rebuild a chimney.
You, using less gas and buying less stuff will rebuild the ozone.
People should be able to live there but no government support to rebuild.
Wright immediately vowed to rebuild the house, which was mostly in ruins.
He must compete with one of her old flames as he tries to rebuild their relationship.
Many of the partnerships created to help rebuild the country's higher-education system have not made much progress.
But the newspaper points out that the change will not apply to existing houses unless they expand or rebuild.
After couple of tries, they find themselves in the unhappy situation of having to rebuild around another major.
My friend was there trying to rebuild a broken country into a safe and stable nation.
Yet it will take the industry a long time to rebuild its credibility.
To prevent overfishing and to allow fish stocks to rebuild, federal officials set up a new regulation system last year.
In theory a temporary trade ban would allow stocks to rebuild themselves.
On the other hand, people aren't spending because they want to rebuild lost savings and reduce debt.
Rather than close the business, however, the decision was made to rebuild around the living.
There has been something of an infusion of new blood-teachers, builders and others who have come to rebuild.
But if the objective is simply to rebuild deterrence, then this has already been achieved and he thinks the operation should stop.
All of these digital products are slated for a complete rebuild.
And then we're going to help these communities rebuild.
Despite themselves, our family uses scientific reasoning and keen observation to rebuild the community and their own lives.
So it's possible to rebuild the visual effects from the original components.
Some people have returned to rebuild in the devastated valleys.
Most chose to sit idly-unless they were given the chance to rearrange the beads instead of to rebuild it as it was.
We already use artificial reefs to rebuild populations of marine life.
If ocean water becomes too acidic, it can begin dissolving those shells, sometimes faster than the creatures can rebuild them.
If ocean water becomes too acidic, it can begin dissolving those shells, sometimes faster than creatures can rebuild them.
Psychological first aid is giving people what they need to rebuild their lives.
The batteries can go to a rebuild or recycle center.
Proponents say that catch shares give fishing communities a long-term economic incentive to rebuild stocks.
Ultimately, they will have to jack up the buildings, or rebuild again.
It doesn't take a particular set of atoms, since our neurons break down their molecules and rebuild them every day.
Our panel suggested that you could scan a body and transmit the data to another place, then rebuild the body.
Replant the mangroves, the olive trees, and rebuild the dams in the desert.
As the phase-out of ozone-destroying chemicals allows the layer to rebuild itself, the stratosphere should rewarm.
Right after the tragedy, many people expressed a defiant resolve to rebuild the city.
But the colonists decided to rebuild and make a new start.
One solution is to rebuild the aging power grid to be less vulnerable to solar disruptions.
Scientists, however, continue to excavate and rebuild the site.
The degradation has continued during the post-war period as the country has tried to rebuild its economy and production system.
And it is not clear what his supporters here think the octogenarian king can do to rebuild this shattered nation.
The scrub can exfoliate as well as rebuild damaged skin.
She will take a year to rebuild her apartment, and then she and her husband will move in.
But it was necessary to rebuild a moribund company and economy.
He worked to rebuild himself physically and mentally.
As people try to rebuild their nest eggs, the savings rate is bound to remain higher than it was a few years ago.
When the last embers were extinguished, the dash to rebuild began.
That's enough to rebuild or renovate a historic plantation great house, put up some guest cottages, install a swimming pool.
If our civilians cannot rebuild after, then let's teach them how.
There are farmers who grow rich and reinvest the opium money to rebuild their communities.
Those ailing firms sucked up all the capital that should have been used to rebuild the economy.
Others were born out of a broader idealism that aimed to rebuild the world from the ground up.
He must find ways around the unions' guild mentality if he wanted to put poor teenagers to work and to rebuild the cities.
It would rebuild the industry in communities where steelworkers already live.
He must also try to rebuild a discredited party shattered by shameless opportunism and infighting among special interest groups.

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