rebuff in a sentence

Example sentences for rebuff

The new regime will be challenged and will rebuff such attacks only if a stock of support for it has been built up.
The bodies of the poor often lack enough nutrients to rebuff diseases.
They could rebuff this foreign capital, by tightening caps, regulations and other restrictions on foreign investment.
Education is the foremost conveyance of knowledge to help rebuff where appropriate and inform where necessary.
After a while they rebuff your interest rather than invite you in.
They misunderstand his dilemma and rebuff him, which breaks his heart.
Moreover, in such a situation any rebuff of the would-be lover can be rationalized away.
Fortunately, their rebuff was of such gentleness that my ardor for ancient bones was left undented.
He marks a check in the appropriate box and sends off the rebuff by return mail.
For several weeks he worked this and met with no rebuff.

Famous quotes containing the word rebuff

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