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It was no vague poetical sentiment which prompted them to hail with joy the rebirth of vegetation and to mourn its decline.
By the holiday the seeds or legumes will have shoots several inches long, providing a powerful symbol of rebirth.
One does not have to believe in rebirth or the law of karma.
There are papyrus leaves also, and mixed in with the lotus and those represent knowledge and rebirth.
What is needed is the rebirth of philosophy that goes beyond absolutes and relativism.
Now, in the next stage of its economic rebirth, the city wants to reinvent itself as a college town.
Maybe a rebirth of optimism and belief in our work is possible.
But his rendering of birth, life, and rebirth is as concerned with beauty as with pain.
The movie is also about disintegration and the possibility of rebirth.
The good news, however, is the rebirth of fiscal conservatism on the right.
It's nearly as remarkable as the rebirth of an extinct language from an ancient civilization.
Liberation from the cycle of rebirth in which all beings are trapped.
There's a possibility that they indicate a spiritual rebirth as well.
So the pain of war was necessary for the rebirth of a nation.
We'll see if there is a political rebirth that strengthens our political leadership.
But the economy's ruination brought the possibility of political rebirth.
The consumer's rebirth as artist has also created whole new businesses.
But that graveyard may soon become a place of rebirth.
Visitors to the area can gain insight into nature's destruction and rebirth.
Conan's crash was prolonged and arduous, but his rebirth was immediate and effortless.
Some of the burned-out patches were straining for rebirth-shoots of new green bush and trees struggled to grow.
How the image of rebirth applies to the book is of course another matter.
First it signaled spiritual cleansing and rebirth, a nontoxic way to get high.
Technology, in part, is driving the medium's rebirth.
In many cultures it symbolizes the soul, in some it represents joy and bliss while in others it represents rebirth.

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