rebellious in a sentence

Example sentences for rebellious

Let him be dangerous-he will soon grow out of this rebellious stage with a little nurturing.
It was her rebellious nature that's made her such an icon.
Speed of light in a vacuum is still at c, no matter what those rebellious neutrinos do.
Its purpose is to maintain tight control over a potentially rebellious colony, and to eliminate all significant opposition.
Nearby, mud-brick battlements hide the encampments of rebellious tribal sheikhs, some with their own artillery pieces.
We will always need postmodernists or their rebellious equivalents.
But the troops have become troublesome, even rebellious, of late.
Their high-handed, sometimes violent behaviour stokes rebellious feelings.
It lacks, for instance, a concise outline of how the movement began and how it turned rebellious.
Adolescents who start smoking do so partly because of the rebellious aura attached to it.
Until then, those rebellious license plates will be around for a while.
It's a toned-down reaction to the big platforms, streaked blond hair and rebellious styles of the past few years.

Famous quotes containing the word rebellious

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