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Austere to himself he treated his own body as an enemy, to prevent its rebelling against the spirit.
And they were rebelling against a world that had sentenced them to grinding poverty.
No wonder many animals are rebelling and hunting humans now.
Rebelling against company policy, this game's designer hid his name in a secret room.
So it came down to the healer's own cells rebelling, his sternum sawed and spread, his heart exposed to the glare of lights.
Instead it involves a complex dance of different groups rebelling and innovating, co-opting and exploiting.
To answer this question, it helps to know what the fledgling firm was rebelling against in its early decades.
The government cannot afford to have a city rebelling against its control.
Unfortunately for them, they didn't count on the consumer finally waking up and rebelling.
There have been tons of examples from which you can gauge the rate at which you can make people poorer without them rebelling.
Bringing back a milk pudding and then rebelling against it.
They are practically adults, rebelling against the world, and secretly themselves.
They were rebelling against governmental corruption and oppression and high legal and other fees.
Born with a pelvis deformity, she used to refuse medical advice, as a way of rebelling against her own condition.
They were rebelling at wretched learning and teaching conditions.
Little wonder that people, including so many parents, are rebelling at the high school taxes they pay.
They do not want to be lied to or told what to do, and they want to feel they are rebelling in some way.
Adolescents often express their reactions to loss by rebelling against parental standards.
We all need to quit rebelling against each other, and come together as one in order to make things work.
Those who won't eat because they are rebelling through food.
His sister testified that he had few friends and started rebelling against his parents in high school.

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