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Example sentences for rebelled

My mind completely rebelled against that experience.
The senior faculty rebelled and made the dean depose her.
Low on food and tired of the quixotic rule of the autocratic master of the ship, they rebelled.
He was ready to beat his sons and daughters into submission when they resisted or rebelled.
Artists rebelled against the stodgy mores of the bourgeoisie.
Radicals rebelled against the commercial and capitalist order.
She rebelled against convention, and then she rebelled against the conventions of rebellion.
Yet some part of him must have rebelled against canonization.
Against this linguistic subversion, the bloggers and independent press have rebelled.
Jimmy rebelled at every turn, performing well only in math.
But as airlines turned to them for flights of three hours and longer, customers rebelled.
But they have since rebelled over his policies on resource extraction.
It rebelled against last year's target, vowing to spread its adjustment over two years.
It is something to be shunned by those uncaptured and rebelled against by those who are hooked.
Purchasers rebelled, with many abandoning contracts and relying instead on the spot market.
The colonists rebelled against such control over their daily affairs.
Most simply refused to pay the tax while others rebelled with violence.
Peasants rebelled against increased demands by nobility for tribute to pay for the wars.
Many of its customers rebelled and they changed their policy.
While motorists have not been thrilled by price increases, neither have they rebelled.
Already stretched thin, the field staff rebelled at the laborious record-keeping involved in making the system work.

Famous quotes containing the word rebelled

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