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In my experience underachieving teenagers are likely to rebel at any such such suggestions.
All that will do is make them feel guilty and then rebel.
If that were to occur, these same people would recognize their plight and perhaps rebel.
Today, a group of physicists rebel against this idea.
What used to be seen mostly on sailors and rebel rock stars is now a cultural norm.
He was with a group when rebel soldiers invaded their camp and took them all hostage.
Kids will do what kids will do to rebel until they find something better to do.
But to be a rebel you must rebel against an establishment.
He subdued the rebel by the process of fascinating him.
The village rebel who will not conform rebels first against the local religion.
On his way he was fired upon by rebel troops from a foot-hill to the left of the road and from which the road was commanded.
When he does rebel, he is given the alternative of submission, or eviction with entire loss of employment.
Columns converged on the capital from three sides, linking up with rebel sleeper cells inside the city.
So if some people rebel, others may follow, thinking that their rebellion may be a sign of the regime's weakness.
They disabled the convoy, allowing rebel fighters to descend on vehicles as they scattered from the column.
Together, these factors could prepare the nucleus for an armed rebel group.
They feel no compelling need to rebel-not even a hint of one.
The story of these rebel faithful has continued to haunt scholars and others.
The press would likely rebel against any moves that dictated otherwise.
The rebel organization was supposed to include two thousand.
Mounted on rooftops at the airport, a contingent of those commandos shot and killed any rebel who emerged from the bush.
They greeted the reenacted rebel yells with cold silence.
And for the eternal rebel, that's a tough thing to do.
He was no stolid merchant but an audacious risk-taker, and something of a rebel in early life.
His inner rebel, he says now, is what led him to do much of what he did in his life.
Appearances to the contrary, he was the exact opposite of a rebel.
There are rebel checkpoints on the roads, trenches around key towns, and training camps in remote villages.
Voters pretend to rebel and politicians pretend to listen: this is our political theater.
The guns of an incompetent army indiscriminately pounded rebel villages-the textbook way not to fight an insurgency.
Rebel attacks had continued and the army had launched anti-rebel operations characterized as defensive during the period.

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