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Example sentences for rearrange

Professors can rearrange the order of the included lessons or replace them with their own work.
Others have thought about these things carefully and some have decided to rearrange their life priorities.
Demographic shifts rearrange patterns of population and create new human landscapes.
Most chose to sit idly-unless they were given the chance to rearrange the beads instead of to rebuild it as it was.
We as a society seem to have little regard for events that, while influential, do not completely rearrange our lifestyle.
We need to reduce our dependence on the unstable mid-east not rearrange the deck chairs.
When the operator moves one robot out of the group, the rest rearrange themselves to make up for its loss.
My position is this: invest in prevention and rearrange the carrots and sticks for those who do end up on welfare.
The next day or the next week she would rearrange the names, the order, the characteristics.
The entries will automatically be organized in the order that you added them to the reading list, unless you rearrange them.
The ability to rearrange code has put traditional antivirus companies at a disadvantage.
Frequently in history the end of an epoch has been followed by comprehensive diplomacy to rearrange the political furniture.
Alternatively, you may be able to rearrange your primary job's work schedule slightly to help balance grad work.
When they discover that the parts do not fit together, they have to rearrange them quickly to make a functioning whole.
Put those that were above below, and so rearrange and replace.
Nor can either predict the surprises that will rearrange their priorities.
In the game, players worked together to rearrange proteins into different shapes.
In this case, some of the ice crystals are bending light toward the camera, and when the field snaps they rearrange themselves.
In extremely high-stress cases, they could possibly rearrange it enough to create new species.
The modules can rearrange themselves into countless different shapes and create dramatically different patterns of movement.
If the debris got dislodged or slipped he/she would rearrange it and resume the behaviour.
If we're going to rearrange the global economy on these guys so say, the world needs to see the data.
Overhead fans languidly attempt to rearrange the air.
Friends come and go to rearrange calendars and rehash last night's party.
So parched, it seems as though a strong wind would easily rearrange its sunset-hued desert landscape.
If you want to rearrange, edit or add to his words, go right ahead.
Anagrams are created when you rearrange the letters of a word or group of words to created new words.
Web apps are easy to rearrange and shuffle for quick access.
Players can rearrange trees and boulders, reconfigure buildings, or hollow out new caves in hillsides.
It's not easy to rearrange the steel insides of a tightly packed warship after it's already been pieced together.
It works smoothly, though at times you'll probably accidentally create folders when all you wanted to do was rearrange your apps.
So the next step of using what people are liking, sharing and buzzing about online to rearrange search results is obvious enough.
We don't rearrange the scenes or build playlists of our favorite car chases.
They did cancel and rearrange a few dates during this tour.

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