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Oropharyngeal cancers refer to tumors of the tonsils and rear tongue, back of the palate and posterior walls of the throat.
The rear seats fold easily enough, although not totally flat.
To the rear was the dining room, with three matching windows.
They are mildly venomous snakes, but their tiny, fixed rear fangs make them harmless to humans.
The tricycle's many curves mock the angularity of the roofs to the rear.
It was a nondescript rear yard without a place to sit or entertain.
Leading from the rear is turning out to be a bad strategy.
Officials were slow to explain how one train crashed into the rear of the other.
At the rear of the brain are the occipital lobes, dealing with vision.
However, venomous snakes in this family posses fangs that are located at the rear of the mouth and do not inject the venom.
We're still not sure how this thing flew or what the rear wings did.
The new master bedroom and bath on the top floor overlook the rear garden.
Back and rear windows can be tinted to any darkness if the vehicle has side mirrors.
One guy regularly brings his bike in with broken spokes and busted rear wheels.
At present two electric motors are used, one powering each of the rear wheels.
Carrying options include handle, padded shoulder strap, or rear strap to slide over luggage handle.
In other words, adult animals have to get serious if they want to be able to rear any off-spring.
The intricate box, lined with blue velvet, contains pieces of mirror mounted on the rear surface.
In the rear lower garden, a custom steel rose arbor frames the view from the house.
The rear seats fold flat to increase cargo space, however this leaves the center console seeming somewhat vulnerable.
At times, however, philosophy does rear its pretty head.
Before the remodel, the home's confusing floor plan blocked easy access to the rear garden and kept rooms dark and cramped.
The one thing that made me reluctant to convert this bike to a fixed-gear machine was the rather vertical rear dropout.
Or they can rear them on a smaller scale inside their homes, within large containers.
Body brown, paler below, often darker on rear flanks.
The flywheel is driven through a continuously variable transmission in the rear wheel.
The glistening celadon green urn creates a cool, eye-catching fountain on a rear terrace.
Using your free hand, remove the cap from the rear of the shot.
There's your first clue that someone is talking out his rear.
Sides often washed buff, often brightest on rear flanks.
For years big ship propulsion had a standard configuration: a propeller in the rear with a rudder behind it to steer.
Use in the middle or rear of a perennial border, grow in a large container, or use as a screening plant.
While the fork gets some internal suspension, the rear relies on fat tires for rider-comfort.
Once more it would collapse, then suddenly rear up and come swirling down on us.
Chloride and conductivity probes sense the same flow stream at the rear of the vehicle.
Recently replaced my rear lawn with raised planters to try my hand at herbs, greens and veggies.
Rear overhang turns the convertible sofa into a trampoline at highway speeds.
The rear half of the skull consisted of a bony crest that grew straight backward.
The same setup swapped to the rear port is intermittent.
As the aircraft continues to speed up, the vapor cloud will appear farther toward the rear of the aircraft.
The tail gunner was trapped at the rear of the plane because the floor connecting his section to the rest of the plane was gone.
Or else rear end someone and die, either of which would take me out of my misery.
If anybody's going to impact my more belligerent students in the rear with a boot, it's going to be me.
When you have tenure, you can tell this interloper that she can kiss your pedagogic rear end.
Despite his ideas having been so thoroughly exposed as being destructive they continue to rear their ugly head to our detriment.
Partly this is because maize is fed to animals, which are now more expensive to rear.
No wonder our education system takes it in the rear.
His first attempt was a four-wheeled vehicle with a treadmill crankshaft between the rear wheels.
Sure, you will still have a ride home on the ivory tower line, but you sit in the rear seats.
What's left is significantly smaller, starting with the rear wings.
She uses her rear flippers to scoop out a smaller hole inside the pit.
Everything from the car's flamethrower to the rear suspension was meticulously wired to be controlled from this hub.
The rear chain-case you see also supports the wheel and suspension.
Then they go one further by scraping some collected pollen into tiny baskets, corbiculae, on their rear legs.
The dart features a rear cavity that fits into the throwing board's spur, keeping the dart parallel.
Rear vents increase air circulation to keep you cool and comfortable.
Quick renovation kept topsoil and runoff out of the creek that forms the house's rear property line.
They had a local metal fabricator make the grill and hood, which fit across a rear corner.
It has short legs that, in the rear, point backwards to help it dig.
No matter how much you plan ahead, the unexpected and the irritating can always rear their unwelcome heads.
If you're in the rear, it takes forever to get off the plane.
One was a derailment and the other was a rear-end collision.
The rear wheel is kept off the ground, and the pedals now power a pump.
To accomplish this, they have long toes on their rear feet with fringes of skin that unfurl in the water, increasing surface area.
The organ then decelerates rapidly and ricochets back to the rear of the skull, a jolt called a countercoup.
Apart from a few rear-guard behaviorists, few people hesitate to ascribe empathy to their dogs.
The researchers note that the white matter appears to fray more over time in the forebrain than in the brain's rear.
The car company might prefer to produce its rear-view mirrors in-house, for example, perhaps by buying the mirror company.
The customer may be the rear-view mirror but he's discovering the new acts online and the music industry has to follow.
The true government debt off the books at all levels is staggering and will soon rear its ugly head.
Instead, it is perpetually connected to a generator which powers the car's two electric motors in the rear wheels.
Only soldiers, who have no choice, routinely travel in aircraft with rear-facing seats.
Back of the rear wall of this unique shop a hole has been punched from the hall into the alley and the tenants go that way.
If there is to be a choral service the minister and the choir enter the church from the rear, and precede the funeral cort├Ęge.
In three weeks they were back, saying that they preferred their dark rear room to the stumps out in the country.
Parts of the snake-fence in the rear have been broken down.
Two red rear clearance lights must be placed at the trailer's widest point, as far apart and as high as possible.
Rear suspension's solid beam instead of better-handling independent setup.
The hot corn that spills out is carried to the rear of the cramped galley kitchen, where it is mixed with caramel.
At the same time, the ectoplasm at the rear of the tube turns into the liquid endoplasm, taking up the rear.
My car has a rear camera, only on when going in reverse.
When you look up, you see the rear of the car you nearly plowed into.
The pantyhose include a rear panty portion which covers and confines the wearer's buttocks.
The whole body weight rested thus at the joints bent to the rear.
Parents want the rear-window decal on the car for themselves.
The organization of medicine is as far in the rear of progress as its technique is in the van.
Taking a deep breath, he lowered the rear hatch of the truck and inspected the rope knotted to a hefty wooden crate.
Bringing up the rear necessarily carries with it, however, a certain responsibility.
In this case, however, the thumping was the sound made as terrified students scrambled to the rear of the trailer.
It was getting some action in the rear on the bumps.
If he were to push too far to the rear, he might damage any number of critical nerves.
Sometimes horses' hooves could be heard clattering in the cobbled stable yard at the rear of the house.
We rolled down the runway with the rear ramp lowered.
At eight-twenty-three, the water reaches the left rear tire.
As he does, the remains of the duct-tape adhesive give way and the rear windshield falls away from the car.
The hardest way to move the wheel is with your feet, on the rear pedals.
The rear wall features a cross punched out of the heavy raw cement, and light emanates from the cruciform.
Extra bailiffs stood in the aisles and among the standees at the rear of the room.
Jacques, the new chauffeur, hopped out and ran around to open the rear door.
The first rocket-propelled grenade blew the right rear door off.
The hyoid bone isn't wide enough to receive muscle attachments from the rear of the jaw, where the last two molar teeth sit.
Some researchers have wondered whether our rear ends were a prerequisite or a consequence of our upright posture.
As a result, engrailed starts telling the cells in which it's expressed to form the rear of the segment.
They found a marked decrease in activity in the parietal lobes, an area in the upper rear of the brain.
The paired bones at the rear of the skull are perfectly ordinary, as are the jaws and postcranial bones.
Some years ago a flailing panther sunk its claws into the biologist's rear end.
She walks slowly and heavily and only when pushed in the rear.
The first exam had seemed to show thick areas of new connections in the rear cortex of his brain, a region linked to awareness.
It even had a sheet of bone along its shoulders that supported the rear wall of an internal gill chamber.
Females, on the other hand, are limited by how many eggs they can produce and rear.
Only those where dad does almost all of the work tend to rear such large broods.
Once, for example, he accidentally epoxied his rear end to the floor while making repairs at the accelerator.
The exhaust system was forced into the left rear shock.
The compact rear suspension design is partly responsible for the large trunk and accommodating backseat.
Rear-engine cars are fun to drive and even more fun to crash.

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