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Example sentences for reappear

Indeed, it will often reappear several times during a session.
Certain actions, or even small items that constantly reappear throughout his life, will take on new meanings.
These fake alerts are often difficult to close and quickly reappear.
Paper books have pages that can neither disappear nor reappear.
As the zoom continues, such objects seem to reappear, but a closer look always turns up differences.
Then disappear and reappear suddenly and repeatedly, picking them off one by one.
The particles simply disappear and reappear somewhere else, as if by magic but there is no magic.
Jack does reappear by the episode's conclusion after spending the day with his father, the audience discovers.
In that country, the duels of past generations would reappear in a more enlightened format.
The friends remain at the table, and the dinner menus reappear.
And problems forgotten in one generation will reappear to haunt the next.
Dulled conscience, irresponsibility, and ruthless self-interest already reappear.
Sometimes again the corn-spirit hides himself amongst the cut corn in the barn to reappear in bull or cow form at threshing.
The dawn began to reappear before the last reflection of the preceding sunset had faded from the horizon.
My grandparents, gone but never forgotten, reappear frequently.
The rule is based on research showing that concussion symptoms can reappear hours, or even days, after the initial injury.
The ice cube will not suddenly reappear, but will gradually emerge over a matter of minutes via unmelting.
In fact, the chances of politicians letting the taxes reappear are slim.
In theory, the profits of untaxed companies would reappear as taxable proceeds elsewhere in the economy.
First of all, there is no guarantee that violence will not reappear under a different guise.
Until they reappear our fiscal situation will get worse.
Branch lines and local train services will reappear if there's a need for them.
Note how quickly they reappear in countries that previously banned them after the ban is lifted.
Not surprisingly, they reappear in the ongoing negotiations to strengthen those standards.
Following an ancient migratory urge, they reappear as the trees leaf out, feeding on insects.
The print dialogue box may begin to disappear briefly but then reappear.
Ufo's can disappear and reappear as if they've ducked out of our dimension.
These symptoms can reappear on and off for up to nine months after infection.
It is possible that both gentlemen will reappear in the journalistic arena, but at present they are off the active roll.
Imagine the mayor's disgust, then, when the icons miraculously begin to reappear despite the paint coating them.
They may disappear with time or reappear in different areas of the lung.
With that, the witches reappear to wreak havoc on the town.
When the device is turned off, headaches reappear within days to weeks.
His friends and family change into looming phrases in his mind to reappear in his books.
However, the virus remains in the body for life and sores may reappear later.
Many animals that have hidden will reappear once they think you are gone.
The targets can be set to determine the number of hits it takes to knock them down, and how many times they will reappear.

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