realpolitik in a sentence

Example sentences for realpolitik

We're back to realpolitik--which requires the mind and not the heart.
Because of basic logic, because of human nature, because of harsh realpolitik realities.
In fact, the two countries have been edging closer for years-for reasons of pure realpolitik.
But their influence has been constrained by questions of realpolitik and economic sense.
The therapists were the radicals, the staff the exponents of realpolitik.
That's a perfectly reasonable, realpolitik consideration for a government.
It has to do with the realpolitik need to balance all the competing interests and strike workable compromises.
And here, you learn that it is not some cold game of realpolitik, with winners and losers.
Some intellectuals at the time sneered that human rights had no place in a realpolitik approach to the world.
And that kind of realpolitik engagement is a necessary part of what it means to be the indispensable nation of the world today.
There is a sort of realpolitik involved in regulation.
For too long, human rights winds up in quotation marks as bargaining chips in realpolitik and the reality gets lost in rhetoric.
So the billions which went missing was because of that kind of realpolitik calculation by governments.
The promotion of democracy is not some idealistic crusade, but rather a quintessential exercise in realpolitik.
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