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Cutting-edge technology is no longer an exotic realm where experts rule.
Over in the plant lab, hands-on exhibits take basic botany lessons out of the textbook realm.
But then there is the realm of fashion made from actual food.
How lineages might change is squarely within the realm of speculation.
As would be expected, the motley crew make it through to the realm of the dinosaurs, but things quickly begin to go pear-shaped.
Voodoo is based on a dynamic relationship between the living and the spirit realm.
We followed as he turned one corner after another, past numerous branches that hinted at the immensity of the underground realm.
They were being sacrificed to enter into the realm of the gods.
If the universe contains an abundance of life, that life is not likely to remain forever in the realm of the unknown.
To navigate this soggy realm, you have to travel by water without getting trapped on it.
In the realm of high-stress admissions and licensing exams, the accommodation question is as controversial-and complex-as ever.
Contingent faculty have made strides in collective bargaining, but the management of their unions is one realm beyond their reach.
Still, the uproar has not deterred this newest entrant in the recruitment realm.
The idea that college is a contemplative realm of humanistic inquiry, removed from vulgar material needs, is nonsense.
In the adjunct world, as in every realm of academics, word of mouth helps.
But once you enter the realm of unit-level administration, your freedom to spend money as if it were your own diminishes markedly.
In the realm of college admissions, today is a day to rejoice-or rant.
The need to realign library values is especially urgent in the realm of monographs.
The urgency of this policy is underscored by the percentages in another realm, not the campus but the prison.
If he hopes to enjoy them again, he must fight for them in the public realm.
In the realm of big-time sports, he was regarded as a stalwart of integrity and authenticity.
One can get you work in areas outside of the academic realm.
In the professional realm, interviews are notoriously slippery endeavors.
No long-term commitment is necessary in this realm of ever-shifting allegiances.
There are always revolutionaries in the realm, people who don't believe in the benevolence or utility of the monarchy.
And some autistic or psychopathological people seem completely insensitive to the emotional realm.
Metal's commerce with the lower realm has been extravagant, ridiculous, and covered in glory.
Conventional wisdom, planted intelligence, and hoary rumors have long been the coin of the realm.
In the realm of psychology a complex is an overreaction to some perceived threat.
Certainly, such outcomes are clearly within the realm of possibility, if consumers felt renewed uneasiness about the economy.
It's about containing the dead-keeping them out of the realm of the living, which is why cemeteries were removed from cities.
To have such a big company make this a key part of the operating platform was a significant development in the sustainable realm.
There is distinction, too, in the realm of politics.
There is a realm where these conditions prevail: natural science.
As such, lessons learned from math can help us understand the human condition, moving it into the realm of humanities.
The political and economic realms were feeble, so social power derived largely from the cultural realm.
The difficulty of grasping the concept is due to its being beyond the whole realm of theory.
And if people won't come downtown to shop, there simply won't be a civic realm.
And now that so much human activity takes place in cyberspace, spies have infiltrated that realm as well.
Flip a coin in the quantum realm and the outcome won't be heads or tails.
It seems a lot of physicists these days are being drawn into the realm of metaphysics.
The advice that a watched pot won't boil may ring true in your kitchen, but in the quantum realm, anything goes.
Two ways of viewing the world meet in the visual realm.
In the realm of research, finding out what you don't know is almost as important as knowing what you do.
It's about as proven as things get in the realm of science.
But anywhere one uses pure ammonia caution, safety, and ventilation are coins of the realm.
The observations have revealed a dramatic realm of invisible violence.
Beyond that you are in the realm of mathematics and philosophy.
Viruses inhabit the realm between life and the inanimate, something quite foreign to our traditional world-view.
The intimacy level is so heightened with a kiss that types of communication exist that are outside the realm of spoken language.
But this form of travel long has seemed remote to the realm of possibility.
Science's weirdest realm may be responsible for photosynthesis, our sense of smell, and even consciousness itself.
The decision was controversial and continues to generate protest, fueled by new findings from this icy realm.
And the change took place in the realm of day-to-day decision making, not in the realm of knowledge and skills.
Anything that has a physical, measurable manifestation is within the realm of science.
We progress from the science, to the realm of engineering and on to the business of business.
It may all look the same to you, but to the bacteria living on it, it's an entire realm of diverse habitats.
To me it seems that the first option isn't really free will as factors, such as the taste, are beyond my realm of choice.
And it should recognize that there is no ideal realm of perfect, timeless mathematical forms that embody the laws of physics.
The skull should remain a realm of absolute privacy.
For now, the benefits of a plug-in and all-electric vehicle fleet reside largely in the realm of theory.
But in both cases there is a crucial component that lies outside the realm of science.
Yes parapsychology would fall outside the realm of known physics, but that cannot disprove it.
She had entered a realm of fear strong enough to shut down the memory-forming hippocampus and perhaps even consciousness itself.
There is the realm of truth-and its underside, what is false or indeterminable.
And within the realm of the lyric he confined himself to the narrowest range of ideas.
He set himself first to extend and organize his own realm and to remodel his army.
Except in the realm of material invention, there is nothing new under the sun.
For those brave enough to traverse the murky deep, the underwater realm is place of both beauty and life.
He has a long-standing, pre-existing body of work outside of the sports realm which predates his work on radio for us.
Great to see they are moving forward with the e-ink technology toward the realm of color.
It is the history of colonialism, domination and power discourses playing out in the virtual realm.
Western scientists have clearly excelled at both in the external physical realm.
Granted it has to be somewhat familiar to be understandable, but here is the realm of true creativity.
The suggestion is that both are in the realm of pseudoscience.
There is also the realm of nano-tech, but more on that below.
There's a whole realm out there of biological materials that have been developing because nature has needed to produce them.
Each of these subjects have become so laden with politics and faith that the debate has left the scientific realm.
In the scientific community, journal citations are the coin of the realm.
Outside the pop-culture realm, the tape attached itself to scientific research.
Certainly, the right brand of faith still mattered for the security of the realm.
When the unthinkable suddenly becomes the inevitable, without pausing in the realm of the improbable, then you have contagion.
His keenness to spin a good yarn sometimes pushed him into the realm of cliché.
The past offers all sorts of unsavoury stories of behaviour brought into the realm of medicine with dire effects.
Three things raise this work out of the realm of the macabre.
He is also convinced that there will be dramatic changes in the realm of personal technology.
For all of these reasons, then, more research is needed into this icy realm.
Steam-driven computers, alas, remain in the realm of science fiction.
All of these techniques should be applied to the realm of financial supervision.
They are increasingly finding ways to enforce their laws in the digital realm.
But of late debate has spilled over into the public realm.
And yet, there's one royal realm where restraint doesn't necessarily mean good taste-that of the wedding cake.
Because during that time, my whole value system was reinforced by the wonderful world of trying to work within the realm of truth.
Not surprisingly, the group had an impressive track record in the realm of network-television specials.
When a catastrophe strikes that is beyond the realm of human control, and which no amount of money can prevent, people panic.
We never venture into the realm of what might have been.
She rotates her head, presenting for an instant the famous profile, the coin of this realm.
The irony is, as more barriers are made official and written, the looser it is in the social realm.
And now he is reduced to a still-smaller market, in the poky realm of streaming digital radio and its hypothetical listeners.
Her celebration of the public realm was matched by a mistrust of the private realm.
It should raise questions when an enormous, complicated realm of life takes on the characteristics of a stock drama.
The set is a minimal white box, which suggests both the realm of the interior and a kind of cage.
He felt a sense of inadequacy in the newsroom, his father's realm.
Alicia has done one job well, managed her family life, but she has a lot of catching up to do in the professional realm.
The digital realm give cartoons and cartoonists more possibilities for exposure.
The photographs are so beautiful that they make you yearn for a time when enhancing the public realm was a serious calling.
Some people regard the extension of psychology into the realm of world affairs as a kind of quackery.
To our fragile bodies, the underwater realm is as alien and hostile as outer space.
Sites which implement strong authentication, and which meet certain criteria, may be included as a trusted realm.
Variations in saturation and tone as well as hue evoke an elusive yet almost palpable realm of shallow space.
More important, it promises a major upgrade to the public realm.
Wright has sought to fight wars that are of another realm.
But given the nature of the realm, one thinks not so much about blood as about languages.
He demands to see the king, only to learn the king has left for the south of his realm.
In its top-secret world, the coin of the realm is the kilowatt.
Thus he can serve as a bridge for us, conveying us through his own experiences into the realm of the unimaginable.
Their perfection is beyond the realm of human struggle and emotion.
Nor is it quite right to say that he is best seen primarily in the realm of folk art.
We are slipping into the realm of arbitrary acts where there is no control at all.
And there's an intriguing risk in the realm of brain-computer interfaces.
And yet, it all makes some kind of sense in the realm of statistics.
The concert was the latest offering in a busy new realm of video mega-events: pay-per-view television.

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