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No matter how realistic and artistic these representations may be, however, they are still lifeless.
No matter what the problem she brought a touch of humor and a realistic appraisal to all situations.
Three new financial thrillers are all worth a read, but some are more realistic than others.
At this stage, be idealistic about what is possible, and realistic about what you need.
The answer is yes: there is indeed an alternative, and experience is proving that it is an eminently realistic one.
The research will be used to make the movie realistic.
It may sound a bit kooky, but it is both logical and realistic as well as avoiding misery and disappointment.
The stunningly realistic dioramas and authentically furnished period rooms make the museum an unique place to visit.
She decided to market a doll with a more realistic body.
Asking a consultant to deliver more than what is realistic sets up everyone for failure.
Job losses will often push underwater borrowers into default since a sale isn't a realistic option.
Functionality, durability, and realistic animal patterns.
Although the actual number could be well above this lower limit, the study establishes a more realistic floor, its authors say.
The more realistic the image, the better the commemoration of the dead.
The life-forms on these pages illustrate realistic adaptations to an environment.
The underworld part, brilliantly grotesque as it partly is, breaks the realistic vision of the beginning.
He argues that land conflict is the fault of farmers as well as the government and that farmers have to be realistic.
As audiences grow more science savvy, filmmakers strive to make their movies as realistic as possible.
It seems to be saying depression is an emotional response to a realistic understanding of the situation.
The new realistic action simulator satellite tv system gets a great picture.
The movement of the doll's facial muscles and the range of desires she expresses are remarkably realistic.
If anything, it's a more realistic approach to green fashion.
His distinction is that he succeeds in being ruthless without seeming cruel, fascinating without being realistic.
Though they're here to stay, the attentive world might usefully subject them to realistic understanding.
First and foremost to be a clean book: straightforward, clearly and linearly narrated, realistic.
The loan agreement must reflect a realistic expectation that the loan will be repaid.
To be sure, many people take out student loans without a realistic plan for repaying them.
The total fossil fuel ban is ideal but not realistic.
Be realistic and people will take you much more seriously.
Anyway a new breed is already rising that of the realistic middle.
Perhaps that count is more realistic when one includes part-time students and adjuncts.
The system created a realistic chance of a breach-feeding event within sight of the boat.
Opera is a marvelous conveyor of realistic human emotions, but it may not be the best vehicle for portraying realistic daily life.
The search team's leader should be able to strike a balance between high aspirations and realistic expectations.
It is an elusive foe: it has no headquarters, controls no territory and has no realistic aims.
Edgy narrative and brutally realistic scenes target today's readers and viewers.
It's a compilation of practice games that make practice more realistic.
Most computer-generated films strive to impress the audience with realistic special effects.
But he's refreshingly realistic about the academic publication process, and it's easy to read.
Resulting photos are realistic enough to be both a joke and an incentive to diet.
If so, this may not be a realistic management style.
The story is written with such incredible detail and paints realistic images of the sea life.
And the game is so realistic that other branches of the military are using it for training lessons.
At the conclusion of the interview, give candidates as realistic a picture as you can of when they might expect to hear from you.
They think that today's money, technologies and political will are strong enough to make eradication a realistic aspiration.
Nuclear energy is considered by many people to be the only realistic alternative to fossil fuel to power our civilization.
Unfortunately, it's a false choice because there are no realistic alternatives to use.
Be hopeful about your job search, but be realistic as well.
Horror movies became more graphic, fiercely realistic and morally ambiguous.
Realistic scientists don't see much resolution soon.
One was commenting on the arc of the plot with an eye for how realistic it was.
But experts agree that more realistic water pricing and improved water management will significantly cut agricultural water use.
Outwardly it is realistic down to the last croquet set.
Remember, composition doesn't need to be realistic or make sense to be successful.
It is a realistic fiction book with a touch of tragedy.
He says realistic human features are usually little more than clever distractions: scientists should focus on more basic models.
The painting manages to be both creepily otherworldly and sweetly realistic.
When a hole in a wall is approached, a realistic tongue sticks out of it.
Not realistic, at rush hour, to commandeer another taxi for the chase.
The movie is a kind of realistic fairy tale set in a forest newly enchanted by the sanctified work of staying alive.
So negotiate in a cordial, realistic manner that won't make them wish they had never offered you the job in the first place.
And there's no realistic argument that without publishers the research wouldn't take place.
It would be kind to help them to have realistic expectations and let them know the odds they are facing.
Make sure you have a realistic idea of what the work of the profession will entail now and in the near future.
Only realistic and fair language requirements will secure a successful study phase abroad.
And for many of us, there is no realistic alternative, especially in today's economy.
There is no realistic way to farm unless you have a second income and then you really have no life.
It's probably more realistic than even he bargained for.
People need to keep these near term, realistic goals in mind when they scale the wall of new technologies.
Hopefully other plans of his to reduce fossil fuel usage will be more realistic.
The second is not true in a realistic theory, which is valid too as many world theory is realistic.
And no one in a position to act has proposed a realistic way out of this debt, not even in theory.
From an employer perspective, computer-based hiring processes are a more realistic predictor of on-the-job success.
But such reforms are not realistic in the short term.
The film is refreshingly realistic in its depiction of cancer treatment.
It's our fears of amorphous monster threats down the road realistic or not.
Set goals that are challenging but still realistic enough to be achieved.
It was felt only realistic to advance bold speculations.
It is full of the play of light and shadow, of macabre atmosphere, of sharply realistic faces and dramatic injections of sound.
It's not realistic, but it allows me to fall asleep.
But returning to the way things were is neither realistic nor morally tenable.
But if you look beyond the next few weeks, the fear that something will go wrong later is all too realistic.
First, the amount of data will increase, allowing scientists to build more realistic models.
In that field, the technique is used to paint realistic reflections of one artificial object on another, among other things.
While it is true that realists are more focused on details, one can be realistic and still happy.
As others have already said programmable microcode is a much softer and realistic target than hardwired logic.
The effect it creates is of fantasy realistic photos of the dinosaurs and their environment.
The existing cost of fuel brings the feasibility of alternative fuels to a realistic possibility.
Say for example, that you don't think the shorter time lines are realistic.
The ability to manage your system from your laptop at home is seductive, but is not a realistic piece of risk-taking.
The only energy that is realistic for the long-term thriving of the species is solar.
Please try to make your claims logical and realistic.
Without some realistic basis for decision making, planners would be groping in the dark at the whim of vested interests.
New controllers make guitars and drums more realistic, too.
The video-feed rendering of the human correspondents looked accurate, with precise and realistic perspective angles.
The second time, you turn into a realistic version of yourself.
But few offer realistic solutions to stop the losses and make flying pleasurable again.
If trends continue, he says, about half that number would be more realistic.
Leap offers a realistic artistic portrayal of the original moon walk.
His characteristic, deeply realistic mixing of the public and private is both touching and funny.
It is now realistic to talk about complementary pressure on the insurgencies on both sides of the border.
Making all activities more engaging is not realistic.
That's out: the ship would have no realistic way of stopping along the trip.
Special effects are more realistic and in some cases gory.
Of course, they rarely factor in realistic economic conditions, which look grim into the foreseeable future.
The perfume could even deter mosquitoes in realistic conditions.
One of the better aspects was a slightly more realistic space combat model, but the combat scenes were too sparse.
None of it is scientifically testable in any realistic and non-adjustable way.
Too bad you can't come up with realistic opinions.
There are more urgent and realistic issues, such as press and cultural freedom.
The idea is that the therapist will help the patient develop new, more realistic beliefs.
Environmentalists can be a gloomy bunch, but they're also realistic.

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