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It would be, at long last, a fully realized realist novel.
The realist tone is evident even from the first sentence of the article.
The important is being rational, realist and thruer guesses, imaginations.
Silver is also a realist when it comes to technology and its ability to make music secure.
It is not the responsibility of climate realist scientists to prove that dangerous human-caused climate change is not happening.
Being a realist as well as a dreamer, he wasn't surprised at the clutter within.
No realist would ever dream of attaining the level of success he has achieved.
How typical for a head-in-the-clouds idealist to charge a feet-on-the-ground realist with cynicism or imagination-deficiency.
But the film's careful injection of a warm, humanist spirit into an elaborate magical realist vision sets it apart.
The current scholarly tone is, judging from the new books, realist but pessimistic.
It's an oddly disembodied sensation of traveling in a magic-realist bus, or coming around from an anesthetic.
The novel has been described as magical realist-true as far as it goes, but not too helpful to understanding it.
The surface of its unshowy prose disguises an enormous achievement for the realist political novel.
Though it's a fable, the point of view is still that of social realist cinema.
No serious realist should claim that power is its own justification.
Above all a realist, he has at the same time acknowledged that these strengths don't often sell tickets.
There he produced hyper-realist paintings of figures, including self-portraits.
Prominently placed in the center of the picture, it serves as a sly reminder of the illusory nature of realist painting.

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