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Phil, try your best to get help with non-surgical options such as realignment and muscle development.
Rather, it is undergoing a complicated and difficult realignment.
We have always had conference realignment and shifting.
But it is also the key to his failure to bring about a political realignment or to set the country on a new course.
The financial crash has disclosed the need for an economic realignment.
His departure inspired more resignations and realignment plans, leaving the world's largest record company nearly paralyzed.
Some lawmakers express concern over major-conference realignment.
Where a political system leans too far in either direction, realignment or disaster awaits.
Because of conference realignment, some schedules have been held up.
The possible realignment of college football conferences raises a host of interesting questions about fan loyalty.
The excitement lies in the probable collapse of the old political order and the realignment it will herald.
Enabling workers to use the gadgets they consider best for their jobs is part of this strategic realignment.
Developing countries are uneasy about formalising such a realignment.
Some suggest that the new coalition represents a realignment of politics towards the centre-right.
For companies, though, it means radical realignment.
Most economists now accept that some realignment of the world's major currencies is inevitable.
Such a big strategy shift would be worth little without an equally big structural realignment.
Realignment also creates a country where some towns really do understand military life better than others do.
Only a realignment of supply and demand for long-term leases will do that.
Realignment is the next step in the expansion process, a subject of more interest to more fans than expansion itself.
Good timing, too, with realignment and a balanced schedule in the baseball news.
Realignment is a deeply flawed program and its consequences will take both a financial and human toll.
The realignment proposal currently casts too wide a net and includes defendants who deserve long-term commitments in state prison.

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There was a kind of shifting of the balances of my brain, of the way I had been thinking, the same kind of realign... more
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