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Real time intelligence relied on instantaneous information, something a lot of space craft cannot do.
The information is updated in real time by the users and is accessible to all those on the network at all times.
The real time sink isn't preparing the information in a new format.
The video footage, along with audio, can be played in real time on the tablet and are also saved for later reference.
Moisture readings are sent in real time to a processing centre via a satellite link.
Satellite images allow meteorologists to track weather patterns in real time and powerful computers model its probable course.
For instance, scientists could watch in real time how an animal's organs develop.
People concerned about wildlife and wild places can view problems in real time and track the impact of their own contributions.
If played in real time, these segments would be about one-tenth of a second long.
They are cataloging flora and fauna and taking pictures and, in real time, they are sending them up the wireless network.
Go to the nasa site, and see real time incoming data.
In addition to a large time counter, you can see input levels in real time and a scrolling wave form.
Real time footage of aurora shows them dancing and shimmering.
It arose-arises-from his willingness to devote real time to the pitiless search for the apt resonance.
Each act unfolds in real time, in precisely mapped locales, with no major improbabilities impeding the flow of events.

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