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Being ready and prepared will have big effects to the interview.
Travel-ready bags to keep your gear organized and right at hand.
When you know what to do, you can plan with your household and prepare in advance to be ready.
Yet another bipartisan panel gets ready to tackle the deficit.
Browse the adventure and exploration photos in our archive-each one ready to be downloaded as wallpaper.
Then there's the matter of the resources it takes to fatten up an animal until it's ready for the table.
It's not the diplomacy-minded former president who is ready to spy, it's the secretive nuclear submarine named for him.
It made big headlines two years ago, even though it wasn't quite ready for prime time.
Make sure your application materials are ready to go.
On her screen, the larger of two whooping cranes flaunts his outstretched wings, showing that he's ready to breed.
Fresh and ready to harvest cilantro fills a wide zinc bowl.
Perhaps you're ready to move into a smaller house, a condominium or a retirement home.
The company that killed the electric car is ready to resuscitate it.
But its history is ever-present and ready for discovery throughout the state.
For an outdoor wedding or if weather is hot, keep cake in a shaded or cool area, or chill until ready to serve.
It sounds as if he'll be ready to go back to using his laptop on some trips when the experiment ends.
Send us your detailed itinerary including goals, game plan, and how to get ready.
Your last rehearsal was perfect, and you're ready to go.
Dress up a few lanterns with ribbon, add some sunny fabric, and your plain canvas umbrella is ready to party.
The pioneers are discovering that some technologies are not yet ready for prime time.
Get ready to explore the great, green world of things that grow.
Keg-size depth charges on the main deck look ready for deployment.
When you can pick a jar up and the honey stays put, it's ready to eat.
It's still online-we're getting ready to play again in the spring.
Junior exhibitors and their charges get ready for the ring.
Some contained a full complement of eggs ready for laying.
Start spicy shredded beef in the morning and find dinner ready at the end of the day.
No need to wait hours for a sangria that's ready to drink.
The coins in my pocket jangled recklessly, ready to be laid out on the counter.
He was also producing a stream of unsentimental watercolors of country lanes and old houses that found ready buyers.
You've heard of silent spring, get ready for silent swamp.
If confronted with a global warming skeptic, pull this app up on your phone and you'll have counterarguments at the ready.
Drivers and cars get ready to rumble in makeshift service pits.
When ready to eat grill, or sear quail for five minutes on each side, top with relish and serve.
The ice cream mixture can be ready to chill in less than half an hour.
Once the hole is dug, you're ready to set in the plants.
After a soak in the rooftop tub, you're ready for tomorrow's adventure.
Scientists are seeking help from microbes to produce road-ready biofuels.
It was news that made some spectators ready to switch bets.
More preparatory propaganda to get you ready to accept the food police telling you what you can and cannot eat.
Because we're not yet ready to monkey with our own selves that way.
By responding, the printer is ready to accept the connection.
The process can begin immediately after the fat is harvested-via liposuction-and cells are ready to culture within the same day.
Now subversives no longer have to make their own weapons at all-they can find sources with ready-made material online.
After the two years they would be ready to come back to learning.
Right now, the robot isn't exactly ready for any operation that is time sensitive.
During the freezing nights, he stood guard on the building's roof, ready to extinguish fires caused by the bombing.
They would be popped into the blocks when the blocks were ready.
Still, she was not ready to declare herself a singer.
All the necessary tools and equipment are gathered and made ready for the chef.
It's best if you can say that the ms is either done or you have sample chapterS ready for review.
They had been a deception necessary to protect deeper truths for which the novices were not yet ready.
They probably have plenty ready to go so aren't worried about when you get it back.
If you get too much time, you may not be ready for tenure when the clock strikes, and you could be out of a job.
If you have a detailed theoretical model, you may be ready for a statistical consultant.
Law and medical students are ready for that, but the weeding out of students in the arts and sciences isn't so well known.
If you are not ready to make that commitment, do not accept the job offer.
He was ready for almost any kind of literary work-controversy preferred.
The soldier was so much moved that he was ready to shed tears of tin, but that would not have been fitting.
There was no task to which he did not turn a ready hand.
She's making her ready: she'll come straight: you must be witty now.
The language is ready, or can be quickly made ready, to define the artist's individuality.
They were ready to move without rations and travel without rest until the end.
So armed and so accoutered they were ready to war upon the frogs.
Ay, sir, they be ready: the oats have eaten the horses.
He has taken it back to get it ready for the press and you shall have it in a few days.
The thoughtless humanitarian is ready with his reply.
Meanwhile, there is a ready-made retirement pool from which to draw, courtesy of the private sector.
Of course the term was established before any products were ready for the market.
He's ready to go as soon as the right investment partner turns up.
They are not ready for high school, some of them, much less for college.
Buy a brewer in a poor country and you get a familiar brand and a ready-built distribution network.
By then-mercifully, in some fogeys' view-science was getting ready to invent the camera.
The government ordered that the building be ready for use by the middle of this year.
More work will be needed to turn the process into a production-ready system.
Within four days all the servers are ready to dish up videos, send e-mails or crunch a firm's customer data.
Either he was not ready to reveal what was afoot, or he did not know.
But, billions of dollars and much heartache later, it is ready.
Some street traders were shooed away before markets to house them were ready.
Six to eight weeks later, the bladder is ready to be put into the patient.
But nearly three years after declaring the system a failure, officials are at last getting ready to unveil a plan to fix it.
In the time it takes your computer to boot up, you can probably make some toast or a cup of tea before the thing is ready to use.
To make it, get a pot of salted boiling water ready for the pasta.
He is seized and kept alive until the cook is ready for him.
Anyone wishing to debate the point must be ready to argue all night and well into next week.
Nor is it surprising that many aren't ready when trouble comes.
What it meant, though, was that people who had previously gotten by on charm and serendipity now needed ready cash.
At twenty-eight, he was ready to become a master in his own right, but by guild law he needed to marry in order to do so.
The frustrating thing about all this is that there is a ready-made solution.
By the end of the year, he was ready to jump on his own.
It stands the distance, ready for whenever you want it back.
Then he shipped out and soon came to life again, ready for the next excitement.
Fall is the end of the harvest season, and farmers have already tilled this field, meaning it is ready for the next planting.
Harnessed up and ready to dive, the fat penguin looks as though it has its own mini scuba tank.
There are no fast food restaurants, no grocery stores, and no other places to get ready-made food.
When your tomatoes or herbs are ready for harvest, choose a recipe to make and share with your family, such as pico de gallo.
By late fall, the cubs are sluggish, fat and ready to hibernate.
Mount these on colored construction paper on a bulletin board, ready for the first day of the lesson.
Leave the clams in water with a little salt until ready to use.
The potential successor to the space shuttle gets ready to fly.
Honda said the technology was not ready for a live demonstration because the test subject might get distracted.
The current setup is not ready for widespread medical use.
By the time he's ready to apply the mixture to the instruments he makes, it has the consistency of mayonnaise.
They return to a state of optimal performance, ready to work on a corrective action.
Then they hatch and take to the air, ready to infect humans.
The meat ant proposal is not quite shovel-ready, of course.
When they emerge, ready to face the world, they get mouthfuls of poo.
Ripe eggs don't keep, which means a fish with a ready clutch of eggs must mate before dark or the eggs will be wasted.
If you are in an area that could be flooded, you should be ready to evacuate.
Windmills may finally be ready to compete with fossil-fuel generators.
Some of these will also be ready to fire and so can be triggered by the first neuron.
Once the plastics harden and are removed from the molds, the fingers are ready to be hooked up to a base.
The technology-from self-monitoring power lines to giant transistors-is ready to go.
For certain some of them will be ready to click the online ad and buy the client's product or service.
The application should be ready for public release by this summer.
The company plans to have a device ready to begin clinical testing next year.
Then you are ready to indulge in the sport of balloon jumping.
Its economy wasn't ready to be integrated in the euro zone.
Keep this kit in a designated place and have it ready in case you have to leave your home quickly.
With these simple preparations, you can be ready for the unexpected.
Find out how to get involved and help your community get ready for any emergency.
He said he has to do a better job of getting the team ready.
Use a cooking thermometer and get ready turn off the flame when necessary.
It has a ready light that tells you when to add the batter and its nonstick plates are a snap to clean.
Rehab programs treat elders who are not yet ready to go home after surgery or an illness.
In fact, they're getting ready to boo him off the stage.
Inside an immense three-story cavern known as the currency vault, the truck's next cargo was made ready for shipment.

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