readout in a sentence

Example sentences for readout

No one will see, hear, or anything the only evidence would be the readout on a machine they can see themselves.
The fragments produce a color readout that is translated into a genetic sequence.
Call up climate settings, and a transparent temperature readout overlays the navigation map or audio screen.
They were wired to a machine in the stern that recorded their temperatures and also gave a readout on a screen.
The only sound was the clatter of high-speed readout printers, and underneath that, the hum of air conditioners and circulators.
Or you can choose a readout to show up after a certain distance, telling you your current elevation, for example.
We thought about doing this with a real simple readout: color.

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Speedometers, for example, may be digital and give a numeric readout, or analog and produce a lengthening r... more
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