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Whether that implied a readiness to act, she's not sure.
Sato and a few dozen others ran next door to the town's three-story disaster-readiness center.
The readiness is all-the ability to discern opportunities and not be hemmed in by rigid abstractions.
He was a grownup, but there was a readiness for play in him that lasted all his life.
In the face of calamity, they are brought together by their newfound readiness to speak to each other.
They stem from the readiness of great apes to ape one another and pick up behaviours from their peers.
The more people you get into a state of flight-readiness the less critical any individual astronaut will be.
Let our leaders be chosen, not by the composite of their gender, but by their readiness to preside over our great nation.
There is still a long way from the initial testing of an engine to the actual flight readiness.
No, that wasn't going to happen irregardless of our space readiness.
The decline in empathy appears to be of the positive type: less readiness to help, to do good for others.
The sensors remain several years from battlefield readiness.
Every community has personnel and equipment in constant readiness.
Everything exuded an aura of readiness for baking early the next morning.
It's similar to the concept of operational readiness.
Their eyes stare with such engagement, readiness for action, and propriety as to be almost unbearable.
He showed no readiness for reflection, much less contrition.
Her latest fiction shows a welcome readiness to pursue new avenues and a new sense of the world.
Walesa's declarations about readiness for dialogue were often severely criticized from this point of view.
He threatens to enter a place at midnight and everything is in readiness for his reception.
For the same reason that undergraduates have a false sense of their test readiness.
Be positive about your accomplishments and readiness for this position, but don't be excessively self-promoting.
Readiness to learn in an online environment requires knowing how to use computers and owning a computer.
Words need to be converted into constructive change designed to promote career and college readiness.
They even take some online tests to test their learning styles and readiness to take an online course.
The judgments they make about your candidacy and your readiness for the job will stay fixed in their minds.
NO, cause it is a standard metric of student's readiness for college.
We are in the business of selling employment readiness.
Many companies are now more worried about the readiness of their suppliers than about their own arrangements.
Inevitably, some people have begun to question whether putting the country on such a high state of readiness is worth it.
Such readiness to take risks for peace deserves praise, not condemnation.
Yet the readiness to coexist on both sides may be stronger than is often realised.
In readiness, law firms have been rushing to set up dedicated subprime practices.
Innovation requires better business climate and the readiness among business people to take risks.
There is no readiness so quick as the readiness of fear.
Having everything in readiness, the mixing may be quickly accomplished.
Hold your dog in readiness before you start your hare.
But do not let us wait to be asked either: let there be ever an eager readiness, and an absence of hesitation.
They, in this their full readiness to receive us, spared not their shot both great and small.

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