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Well, it's cheap and readily available, and low-cost ice models could help inventors design products more quickly.
In popular science fiction, the power of invisibility is readily apparent.
The changeover will take some time, but if the financial benefit to municipalities is readily apparent, it will happen eventually.
But if the sound he wanted wasn't readily available through his instruments, he tweaked the wires himself.
They're a wonderful overwintering plant and self-sow readily.
It is readily available and comes without specific restrictions on use or transit.
Moores, a university regent, had strongly pressed the system to make admissions data more readily available.
The desert marigolds readily adapted to the sunny site.
He did so drawing on readily available data, and in a way that violated no laws.
Nothing in human history has ever made more information more readily available to more people at lower cost.
So the librarian explained that spiral bond books don't hold up, but fall apart readily.
In many wounds that are not readily healing, tissue decays and dies, allowing bacteria to thrive.
It is readily available, flexible, malleable and easy to cut.
Good natives and suitable export grades sold readily at format prices.
The report's authors bemoaned the lack of readily available data on college sports spending.
People have always readily accepted apocryphal stories about history or events.
Never before has the coverage of the transition of power been so readily available to so many.
No subject is more popular, none more readily entered on, than tobacco.
Helium also readily absorbs heat, which makes it ideal for cooling things down.
New studies show how such mental maps blur with age and readily extend to accommodate bionic limbs.
And it volunteers so readily you really only need to plant it once.
The world of higher education readily supplies examples of what happens when donors feel their preferences have been superseded.
In their raw form, starches are not readily broken down by the enzymes in the human body.
Generally those who wish to lessen the suffering of prisoners get too readily dismissed as bleeding hearts or soft on criminals.
Light bulbs are small, readily available and relatively inexpensive.
Clearly, a world of health information is out there and readily available if you want it.
But simple solutions are readily available that can have dramatic outcomes.
With the ready access and the ease of technology people can readily counter the gross popularization of e-opinion.
Many can also recite annoying jingles more readily than their times tables.
Yet the underlying theory is not readily understood by non-economists.
True cavers are a tight-knit group that do not readily share information about the whereabouts of holes in the ground.
First, cheap, efficient and readily accessible public transportation isn't widely availably.
Amid the market's jitters, other hedge funds are readily buying into this message.
Knowing all the factors in the second member of this equation, the value of x is readily found.
Thermal emittance determines how readily a surface gives up heat.
The new technique will allow scientists to tap a large, readily available source of personalized stem cells.
If the ingredients are readily available and do not make serious inroads on the budget, so much the better.
Familiarity means these words are readily intelligible.
The termites digested the organic matter, making its nutrients more readily available to plants.
The developed latent prints are then readily observable and able to be collected, preserved and examined.
Crew members glue the lug nuts onto the wheels to ensure they're readily at hand during pit stops.
In other words, radium will cure cancer that is readily accessible to treatment with this element.
So maize readily produces hybrids, which tend to be more vigorous.
Manatees can move readily between salt water and fresh water, but they can't survive in cold water for long periods.
They react more readily with their surroundings, which makes them dissolvable in paint.
These give it flexibility, so it does not crack as readily as ordinary cement.
Its unique construction may not be readily apparent, but you will definitely notice the difference in a storm.
Because the body is used to rhythms, the influence of a beat helps us to readily organize our physical movements.
My point is, there is no perfect way to implement security, everything has it's drawbacks even if they are not readily apparent.
If such ancient water can be located in other areas, arid land can readily made arable and fecund.
Phobias are a readily recognizable example of this abnormality.
Now they have a seemingly reliable, readily scalable method for producing them.
If pea shoots don't wilt readily, add a few tablespoons of water.
Use ingredients that are readily available, and not too many of them, they say.
Scientists who would readily spend hundreds of billions of dollars should be controlled.
Workers at a sawmill readily admit that they receive fresh supplies of timber every week.
These drugs need to be used in combination because the virus readily mutates, creating new and often drug-resistant strains.
They readily imitated motor behaviors of their instructors too.
So far, many infections have taken place in rural regions of nations where health care is not readily accessible.
Those who need new skills can readily be retrained at local community colleges.
Without them, humanity might not have so readily spread across the globe.
Items that will be used often should be stored where they are readily accessible.
If you need a ride, taxis are readily available at all major hotels.
Brazilians are no exception, and they readily share their spices as well as the rhythmic pulse of their soul-searching music.
By planning ahead and knowing where gluten-free food is readily available, much anxiety can be avoided.
New research suggests that is because tropical species do not die out as readily.
In my case, the previous professor readily agreed to mark a couple of late first term papers which carried over the holidays.
The key to success will be to offer degree programs for which there is a clear market and readily available jobs.
It has to be free, and it has to be readily accessible, and we're thinking about it being in print form.
But with so much readily available online, re-releasing an album in a physical format may seem strange.
Accurate data are far less readily available for smaller nations.
When changing garments the strap may readily be detached from one and put on another.
What people don't see as readily is that what is needed to move the needle on health outcomes is often quite simple.
We rapidly harvest the fatty acids, which are then readily convertible into the main components of jet fuel.
The fatality was due to the failure of another organ that can be readily affected by toxicants, the, kidney.
They simply cannot afford to buy fresh fruits and vegetables, even if these were readily available in their communities.
We'll more readily meet our climate change goals because there will be less driving.
Celts readily intermarry with their neighbors and absorb them.
The evidence shows that because of its influence, people can readily be educated to only a narrow range of ethical precepts.
These films can readily form a slick on artificial hips, contact lenses and in catheters.
But at the low temperatures found in a star-forming cloud, hydrogen pairs up into molecules that do not readily emit radiation.
Dark-skinned people have more melanin than light-skinned people and so don't burn as readily.
When in an energized state, the enclosed plasma can readily radiate, absorb or reflect electromagnetic waves.
Perhaps the differences between old and new instruments are more readily apparent to observers.
He has written seven travel books and a novel, though which is which one cannot readily say.
These are not qualities readily subject to measurement.
He believes that many misdiagnoses are the result of readily identifiable-and often preventable-errors in thinking.
Eventually, they were doing heroin, which turned out to be readily available from a street dealer a block away from her apartment.
The continuing misconceptions about alcohol are less readily explained.
Unless consumers spend more readily in the second half of the year, there is no prospect of an economic rebound.
He readily volunteered to make our presence known to the student leaders who had recently had their heads bloodied.
With this knowledge, a use for these great recurving incisors is readily seen.
They're so light that even readily available batteries can make one commute-worthy.
Lightweight vehicles tend to be more nimble than heavier cars and can therefore evade accidents more readily in the first place.
Hart readily admits that her work is far from complete.
Usually, the coarse nature of middle age hair does not readily respond to treatment.
The flood of liquidity made money readily available in mortgage markets, even to those who would normally not be able to borrow.
He readily admitted that he had written crazy letters and had behaved bizarrely.
Wagons and harness could easily be supplied from the north but mules and horses could not so readily be brought.
Whoso is desirous of beating a dog will readily find a stick.
They are readily influenced by the medium in which they are placed.
So you can readily see that this withdrawal of the censor does not in itself signify rank carelessness.
The lines have been numbered, by which means the reader can readily compare the various readings and mark their transformations.
Two thousand years ago such dogmatism, readily welcome, would have scouted the idea of blond races ever leading civilization.
Foods which spoil readily are frozen for transportation, and must be kept packed in ice until used.
On the other hand, regression of early microscopic cancers may occur more readily and may be common.
Ordinary white mushrooms colonize dead plant matter, which is why they are readily grown on compost and on an industrial scale.
Meat eaters' dung fossilizes more readily than plant feeders' because it is richer in minerals from the get- go.
When zapped by lightning or other sources of energy, molecules in that environment readily tumble together into organic compounds.
Ancho chiles, which are readily available in supermarkets, are more fruity than spicy.
Read on for four recipes from this grand repast that can readily be cooked today.
Ammonia could be readily converted to nitrates, which were used to manufacture both explosives and fertilizers.
Yet to accomplish this will require more than campaign-finance and lobbying reform, because such fixes are so readily undone.
Our opinion was that they could more readily arise in response to universal cultural requirements.
Literary forms are necessary: experience has to be transmitted in some agreed or readily comprehensible way.
Anyone who has visited the office would readily acknowledge this mistake.
He left out all that could be readily understood or taken for granted and the rest he delivered with savage exactness.
Perhaps it is that unfair exclusion is tolerated in case no readily identifiable group is involved.
If this is right, you might wonder why economic trade occurs so readily in the modern world, but let's leave that aside.
Patients, too, are readily enticed by small amounts of money and promises of free care.
The other route an artist can pursue is to borrow from readily understood sources in pop culture.
Her gray-blue eyes could smolder on cue or, more readily, crease into a smile.
All the natural history required to understand consciousness is now readily available in evolutionary biology and psychology.
Fortunately, stem cells are readily available and easily harvested.
The microbes would work in part by digesting the long hydrocarbons of thick oil into shorter, lighter ones that flow more readily.
The beads, on the other hand, can readily be poured into almost any space.
Solid-oxide fuel cells can generate electricity using a range of readily available fuels.
In the end, his equations enabled cartographers to produce charts from which sailors could readily navigate.
Hopefully, they won't, because batteries will have become much cheaper and more readily available.
The problem is that methane is chemically inert, and combines readily with oxygen only at high temperatures.
Breaking down cellulose produces glucose, the sugar that yeast can readily use to produce ethanol.
Fully automated flights from beginning to end, he readily admits, would require a new system.
Agriculture is an example of many tax policies and some subsidies tailored to generate a supply of cheap, readily available food.
Because this horrific content is so readily available, it is easy to overlook the courage it took to produce it.
Nor can these cells be made from readily available sources such as adult cells derived from bone marrow.
Some readily absorb oily vapors such as benzene, others prefer water.
The parts and technologies already exist and are readily available.
Comprehensive, legally accurate civil jury instructions that are readily understood by the average juror.

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