readership in a sentence

Example sentences for readership

For instance, the author of this article is responsible for misleading its readership.
Overall readership will decline, but the real readers will be more valuable customers.
To some degree, these changes reflect science fiction's broadening readership.
His granitic indifference to his readership only feeds its almost religious loyalty.
The chief thing is to run an item or two against the grain of the readership.
They carefully reported on ongoing negotiations between their readership and the regimes.
On the one hand, it attracts public attention to his subject, thereby possibly bringing him a much larger readership.
All of us tend to then look for material that will satisfy that readership, whoever that readership may be.
Now the things that are not going to appeal to a wide readership are not published at all.
Faculty could receive broader readership for their research.
Then again, it should be noted that his readership is in fourth grade.
Our average weekly readership has increased every single week this year.
Thanks also for the incredible readership over the past two days.
Used correctly, a blog could be a great way to journal your study and perhaps gather a readership.
The readership is primarily professionals at universities and colleges, right.
Those books have to reach beyond a small and specific readership.
Feeling that there is no real readership is a huge detriment to quality.
While the top of our readership gorged, here was a direct way for us to grab some of the crumbs.
Readership of popular science books decreases exponentially in the number of equations contained in the manuscript.
Instead, your readership will suffer because you are restricting the information contained.
And they were tailored to the kitchen staff readership and designed to generate discussion.
Lengthy off-topic piffle is best shared with a relevant readership.
As a scientist, this credibility gap negatively taints our work to the population of non science adept readership.
It is not, nor will it ever be limited to your readership, or a broad cross section of the public.
In online media, all the filtering is done by a collective editorial choice of the readership, after the transmission.
Unfortunately a problem is that there is a wide variation in fluency in genetics knowledge among the readership.
Sure, they have a zillion blogs, several of whom have many times our readership.
Additionally, though it is a politically diverse weblog, the readership is overwhelmingly well educated and secular.
It's a mixed strategy, giving multiple paths to both readership and revenue.
But those global figures mask a sharp decline in readership in rich countries.
It may also, however, reflect a lack of awareness about our readership.
For advertisers, he says, readership matters as much as circulation-and this has held up quite well.
But if poetry has somehow lost touch with a broader readership, there's an opportunity to reverse that.
Left-leaning editors would get together in the coffee shop and congratulate themselves on so fairly informing their readership.
My sense is that many people are moved to comment because irony is a concept obscure to the bulk of your readership.
In addition, it is necessary to allocate expenses of the publication between advertising costs and readership costs.
It publishes a monthly periodical, the readership content of which is related to its exempt purpose.
Over time, survey respondents consistently report high readership of the materials.
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