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From the time the reader makes a selection, the entire transaction can be completed within minutes.
The reader doesn't care what you went through to produce your work.
One reader had hoped that the new book would be a road map for realizing for-profit education's possibilities.
It does everything you would expect a news reader to do, and it does it well.
The reader is able then to see immediately the footnote and gain that info quickly instead of having to turn back in pages.
They also involve the relationship the reader has to them.
The object of treating each topic in a paragraph by itself is, of course, to aid the reader.
Clever writers who start fashions in the literary world should take account of this secrecy of the reader's position.
He need have had no fear, nor have offered his reader any apology.
They elude the ordinary reader by their abstraction and delicacy of distinction, but they are far from vague.
The reader will perhaps comprehend, none the less, that every part of it was written for the stage.
The impression it leaves on the reader is one of almost unrelieved gloom.
Craig, who is blind, was able to read by positioning the reader over print and taking a picture.
It will explain to the reader, who may know nothing about this idea, what the proposition is and how it will work.
Or subscribe to this feed using your favorite reader.
But picking an e-book reader is more difficult than choosing a brand of cereal or a bottle of shampoo.
Their overuse provides a homogeneity that no graphic designer-or informed reader-would ever tolerate in print.
Ten years on the reader might wonder what has happened to them.
Instead she has produced a spectacular and enjoyable display of intellectual fireworks for the general reader.
For a real-world example of the effect of lower search costs, think of today's e-reader price wars.
It did so by acting as a mind-reader that translated thoughts between different races and cultures.
Another idea, still in its infancy, is finding ways to tailor the story to the reader by providing different levels of detail.
To illustrate this he takes the reader on a journey through more than two centuries of monetary and fiscal policy and banking.
But you, dear reader, are indulging right now in activity that is equally as polluting as air travel: using a computer.
Experiments with reader-generated and reported news have charm, but limited utility.
Yet the reader is left wondering quite who the book is aimed at.
Maybe somebody such as a fellow reader could point me in the right direction.
Now we're sending a reader and a guest to experience the country's amazing biodiversity and rich cultural heritage.
They should include enough details so that a reader can tell what type of wetland the story describes.
The video contest will bring these ideas to a new format and level of reader engagement.
The reader also inquired whether two gecko feet would irreversibly stick together.
While this is objectively interesting, the cutesy wink to the reader at the end is both predictable and patronizing.
Although some of these books are set in periods and places different from our own, all come vividly alive for the modern reader.
If any reader has any data on this important topic, could they please quote the relevant sources.
The reader also inquired as to what doctors recommend astronauts do to counteract these effects.
But even that reader's suggestion promotes a prejudice.
She had the speech reader speed cranked way up and so quite.
It seems to me that by using this tool, the reader can indeed take in whole phrases at a single glance.
The aim of the article is to inform the reader about this controversial, yet highly quixotic idea.
Almost any topic can be described in such a way that it connects with a personal interest or emotion of a reader.
It's up to the reader to do more in-depth research using the article as a starting point.
Because the eye consumes area more easily than number, the reader is subtly deceived about the weight of the problem.
So, you are saying they hid it by pointing it out to the reader.
Some of your other reader have pointed out that is less visible in cities.
Versions three and onward are summarized below, from reader mail.
TO the average reader, the proposition that poetry's audience has declined may seem self-evident.
Here is one from a reader who wishes not to be named.
To the average reader, the proposition that poetry's audience has declined may seem self-evident.
Judging from reader raves, they're your favorites, too.
The company hasn't made a final decision on what the reader's storage capacity will be.
Worse yet, there is the problem of the e-reader itself.
He also solicited reader feedback, which was incorporated here.
The cartridge is then plugged into a toaster-sized reader controlled by a laptop computer.
With old-fashioned books, a work's value to a second reader is built into the cover price.
If it made sense, a reader should be able to buy a package of stories, or even one story.
However, articles with a blue square are available only to magazine subscribers via the digital reader.
If you are a regular reader of this weblog, please consider filling out the survey.
And a lot of science blogs can be far too opaque for the average reader.
It is thought to clear the reader's lungs of the transient and fill them with a deep breath of transcendence.
The reader needs either six parenthetical presidents or some sense of new limits on catastrophe.
He does not explain why he cuts off these excerpts where he does, often leaving the reader hanging.
Typographical design orients the reader and shapes the meaning of the news.
Ah yes, the reader inwardly exclaims, that's revolution.
Any book can do this if it is pure enough and true enough to create a turn of being in the mind of the reader.
The composer and the reader of the message had code books listing the message codes for eight thousand phrases and names.
But never does the reader see the names of the fixers who make it all happen.
The lightweight hardware could make it a good e-reader.

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