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Thank you for fleshing out this story in a completely readable and understandable manner.
About the middle of the nineteenth century, readable books of travel multiply with increasing facilities for travel.
The mere fact that their dramas are readable measures something of their literary value.
His highest praise is that he still remains readable.
These books proved disappointing to persons who sought readable narratives.
He got it up well, his points are clearly put, and his pleading is witty and readable.
We need a literature of science which shall be readable.
Text must be placed so that it is readable and easily located but also must not interfere with the map's data or design.
Any electronic signal entails some delay in transmission of the data and conversion into a form that's readable to the recipients.
It was also amazing to witness how modern computer imaging could bring these works to life and make them actually readable.
The author clearly has the ability to convey the complex topic of genome cell biology and make it readable.
Resulting in a more readable but still information-packed publication.
What they did was encapsulate results of numerous studies in a way they felt readable to nonscientists.
And it's a readable format and we've actually worked with law enforcement agencies to make it useful to them.
What was worse, the image had been cropped badly, leaving the label with the dog's registered name readable.
The map is large and readable, and it expands to fill the screen.
His aesthetic is clean and instantly readable-broad social cartooning rendered with the graphic bang of an indie concert poster.
Well informed, readable, and on the whole fairly temperate.
Without these liberties, of course, the book would be far less readable.
It's also quite readable-he has a journalist's flair for narrative and phrase-turning.
Books are offered in plain text readable by almost any device.
Look, you really can fit all the information on a single screen and keep it readable.
Use only printers that produce neat, readable text with no stray marks or smudges.
Here's the activity list and map for the event, both of which you can click into for a larger readable view.
The book set out to showcase data in a readable way, regardless of what that data proved or disproved.
Today computers are everywhere, and whole libraries of machine-readable texts are available.
Such distortions compensate for ink blobs, making the font more readable than its predecessors.
The book is tiny-readable in one leg of a commute for an average reader.
It's full of useful information that's easily understood and highly readable.
The sample shown in the glare of over head lights had no glare and the text underneath it was perfectly readable.
Instead, it extracts features that are specifically readable by the face-recognition system.
Voting machines that create ballots for people are acceptable, so long as the the result is readable by the voter.
Together, the technologies offer a solution of readable type and note entering ability without backlighting.
But they never seem to add anything to what is better done in a book, so long as it's readable.
He has put together a readable and intermittently thoughtful account of what happened.
The book is well-researched, readable and judicious.
His book is readable, clear and meticulously researched, with extensive detailed references.
The explanatory blurb about this test is easy to understand and highly readable.
Much of the information in this readable and even fun survey-style overview is generalized.
It should adhere to e-book standards, so that electronic text is readable centuries from now.
These languages are precisely meant to be human readable.
There, it does its work either at your prompting, or when it senses readable information on the page.
When you have a long list of items, putting a space between each item makes the list more readable.
The print should be of a readable size and the links should be clearly and consistently marked.
Not to mention the fact that they're going out of their way to clean up the submissions and make them a lot more readable.
Doubling the resolution providing readable text and menus, especially when you use the manual focus.
Pictures look fantastic, and text is crisp and readable.
Sixty years ago, digital computers made information readable.
And he wrote a series of incredibly readable, best-selling science books to boot.
It means packing in as much information as possible while still keeping things readable.
Three conjoined craters, the magnitude and fury of their impacts faded by time, but still readable in the landscape.
For the joke to work, it has to be readable on both levels.
He is a scientist who writes great stuff that's readable.
To do so, researchers will have to couple the receptors to an electric signal, so their response would be readable by the machine.
Plus it makes your code a lot shorter and often more readable when you operate on entire arrays at once.
It is an intimately readable look at how great science gets done.
Will hopefully keep them coming as long as they remain interesting and/or readable.
Another thing to do is to make it freely available in a widely readable electronic format.
Vulcans covers rather familiar ground but is better organized, more readable, and more measured in tone.
The earlier book was remarkably successful in translating the abstruse and abstract ideas of string theory into readable prose.
Nevertheless the book at hand is a remarkable one and immensely readable.
It was high time someone tried to put it all together again in a balanced, comprehensive, and readable narrative history.
As such, and as a lively and extremely readable treatment of a subject partly technical, it is much to be welcomed.
His book is both highly readable and enormously worth reading.
He wanted readable texts that would present the subject matter clearly.
Readable regulations help the public find requirements quickly and understand them easily.
Permanent records with certain characteristics require preservation duplicates that are human-readable.
But scientists, as distinct from textbook writers, have sometimes been highly readable writers.
Individually, each novel is well crafted and compulsively readable.

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