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Likewise, the relationship between matter and energy isn't immediately useful unless you are building a nuclear reactor.
Tells about how atomic energy is released in a nuclear reactor.
The resulting spray shorted out electronics and forced an automatic shutdown of the nuclear reactor.
Even if the reactor shielding were ruptured, the alloy should keep seawater out of the rods for centuries.
At the core of the reactor's safety is a clever fuel design.
After the number four reactor exploded, entire communities were abandoned and hundreds of thousands of people relocated.
Winds can pick up radioactive material accidentally released from a nuclear reactor and scatter it around the world.
Animals and plants seem to be prospering near the infamous nuclear reactor.
We were not allowed to go near the reactor spaces, partly due to safety and partly due to military secrets.
Since this reactor has not been inspected often it is difficult to say when this may happen.
The path through which the reactor's product once traveled is plainly visible.
Future reactor designs may make this easier, but for now it's a constraint.
Recycled water in one reactor converted the garbage into simple organic acids.
We ended up having a potato peeling contest on the submarine because he didn't want to see the nuclear reactor.
Regulators approve nuclear reactor design they say is safe.
Ensuring the reactor wall can cope with being bombarded by neutrons is another problem.
The reactor's pressure vessel is a cylinder suspended in the light bulb's neck.
So the effect of nuclear energy increase due to fission is greatly mitigated by high reactor temperature.
The costs of nuclear power extend far beyond a reactor's operating life, too.
The current plan for fusion reactor design would use graphite shielding to absorb the stray neutrons.
The nuclear reactor in the next state is sending fresher neutrinos your way.
It also must be made at high temperatures, which would require energy from solar cells or a small nuclear reactor.
If you ram gases through a reactor, you're limit then becomes the amount of material you can turn into gas.
The concept replaces the onboard nuclear reactor with ground based lasers.
However, the composition of fission products changes over the lifetime of a reactor and is influenced by a lot of other factors.
The reactor vessel would burst into a primary containment vessel, which would limit the immediate spread of radioactive materials.
As it decays in a reactor core, its byproducts produce more neutrons per collision than conventional fuel.
The system has two main parts: a gasifier and a fuel reactor.
New reactor technologies offer poorer nations cheap, safe, efficient power.
The researchers then fed the microbial reactor a varied diet of acetic acid and cellulose.
But building a fusion reactor that can convert that tremendous heat into useful energy has posed an immense challenge.
But opposition from reactor operators could inflate the cost of that transition.
Producing the hydrates requires mixing natural gas with water in a continuously stirred tank reactor.
Not to mention they can build close-looped nuclear power reactor.
No one, including the government, seems willing to bet billions and billions of dollars on a new reactor technology.
It is in the process of developing laser induced fusion as well as newer nuclear reactor technologies.
We don't seem to be able to create new nuclear reactor types because no one wants to finance one.
Workers are still trying to restore reactor cooling systems even as aftershocks hamper their efforts.
Scientists from different disciplines worked to elucidate the process of fission- chemists, physicists, reactor designers.
Nuclear power reactor operators perform similar tasks at a nuclear power plant.
Medical management of nuclear reactor accident events.
The licensee completed reactor pressure vessel internal segmentation and cutup.
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