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When the coating gets scratched, the polyurethane rings break open, creating two reactive ends.
When a coral is broken or wounded, it releases highly reactive atoms of oxygen known as free radicals to close up the gashes.
Many say the agency became more reactive than proactive.
As the reactive branch of government, the federal judiciary has been disinclined to get too closely involved.
Instead of being flexible and responsive, the existing structure is rigid and reactive.
They're at risk for burnout, grief and reactive depression and need coping strategies themselves.
The system might more properly be described as reactive, in that it responds to sound waves already headed toward human ears.
Community policing is a broad term generally meaning an approach to law enforcement that's proactive instead of reactive.
The wind energy industry typically uses a reactive maintenance approach or run-to-failure maintenance.
Also, an ever present problem with energetic water reactive materials is humidity.
The trouble with blacklists is that it is reactive: it blocks malicious sites after they have attacked.
That's a reactive gas that blows parallel to the substrate.
C reactive protein, for example, is a marker and cause of inflammation.
Free radicals are highly reactive molecules that ravage the innards of cells.
Typically radiation or the presence of reactive molecular species.
One of the breakdown products is chlorine, a highly reactive, electron-hungry atom.
Disaster relief is almost always short-term reactive funding.
Even much of human activity could be argued is primarily reactive while still being conscious.
Both elements are highly reactive and readily bond with a wide range of metals.
Materials, such as gold, that would not react to other substances become reactive.
The noble gases such as helium remain aloof and unreactive, while the alkali metals can be expected to be silvery and reactive.
As school chemistry lessons show, metallic magnesium is highly reactive and stores a lot of energy.
Many screens fail because they rely on highly reactive substances that respond equally well to strong and weak catalysts.
In any environment, our action or inactions are tied to reactive or resulting consequences.
The only real solid point he makes is to be proactive not reactive but never explains what that actually means.
If everyone you arrest has had prior records, perhaps it is time for the laws to be rewritten to be more proactive than reactive.
The dynamic was sometimes frenetic, always reactive.
Unlike the focused heat of a football player, say, hot aggression is impulsive and reactive.
Currently, almost all buildings are only reactive, and a large fraction operate with unrecognized faults.
Reactive arthritis is a group of inflammatory conditions that involves the joints, urethra, and eyes.
The image on this one is printed in a special reactive ink.
These plugs mold to your inner ear thanks to a thermo-reactive silicone material, providing a comfortable, customized fit.

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The telephone conversation is, by its very nature, reactive, not reflective. Immediacy is its prime virtue.... more
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