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One obvious risk is of a political reaction against the philanthropic rich.
Even a small political shock could push over a domino causing a chain reaction that leads to one outcome or the other.
Anaphylaxis is a severe, whole-body allergic reaction to a chemical that has become an allergen.
Reaction to the long-awaited budget details was swift.
The reaction from our chickens was nothing short of amazing.
At high enough densities, this chain reaction of neutron-induced fission can produce a nuclear explosion.
But his third reaction was more positive, or desperate.
Often the allergen and the immune system become increasingly antagonistic, and the reaction worsens.
It so happens that my personal reaction was in line with what the designer intended to convey.
The control rods absorb neutrons to prevent the reaction with uranium that causes fission.
He had a secret to tell, and he wanted to soak up the president's reaction.
These neutrons may then trigger the break-up of further atoms, creating a chain reaction.
The compound is essential for photosynthesis, a chemical reaction that converts sunlight into carbohydrates.
In order to harness this energy, a controlled chain reaction is required for fission to take place.
Reaction includes a national strike by four million students.
The public reaction was such an unexpected surprise that the stunt was repeated on the second day.
Some speakers noted that a reaction against internationalization has begun to take hold in higher education.
Unfortunately, this won't help my severe acid reflux reaction to alcohol, especially the tannins of red wine.
Many foods and drinks that are red is causing allergic reaction in people.
Reaction to the series-an effort to boost circulation, which it did-ranged from amazed belief to incredulity.
Perhaps the emotional ending influenced my final reaction.
One of those laws says that any action causes an equal and opposite reaction.
Coating freshly cut apples in sugar or syrup can reduce oxygen diffusion and thus slow the browning reaction.
Outsiders' cautious reaction to the disaster so far is less heartless than it seems.
Chlorine, the active ingredient in conventional laundry bleach, can spur an allergic reaction or irritate your respiratory tract.
Its easy to use, clinically proven non-toxic to human and has no side effects, no pain to use and no allergic reaction.
Fuel cells work by converting hydrogen found in methanol into electricity through an electro-chemical reaction.
The researchers began with light-harvesting reaction centers from a purple bacterium.
But certain kinds can cause a powerful allergic reaction.
My belief is that what is fair should trump the danger of an un-collegial reaction by the other professor.
But it's probably not worth that panicked fight-or-flight reaction that's choking your ability to get anything done.
But the adrenalized reaction from drivers half my age to this utterly unremarkable little box has me wondering.
If someone's words cause you discomfort, that inner reaction itself is worth reciting.
Swelling and lingering pain may reflect an allergic reaction and warrant a visit to a physician.
We asked a number of physicists for their reaction to the announcement of neutrinos breaking the cosmic speed limit.
Their first reaction might be anxiety or panic-over the loss of cellphone coverage while on vacation, for example.
It is believed that the bees' reaction is linked to the color of bears' fur.
Infectious prions with this configuration would set off a chain reaction that would convert normal protein to the deadly form.
My instant reaction to his presence concerned the safety of the other students in the room.
Hoffa doesn't play games to increase his stamina, his reaction time or even his hand-eye coordination.
But reaction to the road construction has been mixed.
Rapid reaction suggests that protein might be abundantly present and the secretion by exocytosis might be important.
It's a toss-up between my gut reaction and the likelihood of the student coming after me with a bat.
The result is a chain reaction in which more and more protein ends up as prions.
Invite students to share if they have an emotional reaction to spiders.
Unbeknownst to the researchers, oxygen had leaked into their apparatus and catalyzed the reaction.
More importantly, they will not cause a deadly reaction in people who are allergic to shellfish.
Such a stark indictment would surely draw reaction from the government and oil companies.
What results can be a chain reaction where other ecosystems are affected, including humans and our own means of survival.
Ask students how they think this media reaction affects the public's ideas about sharks.
His yawning caused a chain reaction of yawns from every member of the pride.
No other flavor can provoke such an intense negative reaction.
It is salt to the taste, and has a peculiar faint odor and an alkaline reaction.
Much that is surprising might also be said of the sense of the dream and the dreamer's reaction to it.
It was experiencing a spasm of virtuous reaction, quite as lawless and ungovernable as any of the acts that had provoked it.
It shows the reaction of a finely tempered spirit to a world at variance with it.
Even a hairless breed can trigger an allergic reaction.
There, supercooled water droplets migrate to the ice crystals, feeding a chain reaction of ice formation.
One blast of yellow or red in a mostly blue scene will warm it up and change our reaction.
We kind of wanted to instill the same reaction, and allow people to watch from anywhere and show it wherever they want.
Perhaps the resonance is partly my physiological reaction.
Graphite is a great moderator, slowing down the neutrons and keeping their reaction in the proper temperature range.
When something distracts one of them, it is a chain reaction.
My reaction to his speech, however, was decidedly mixed.
And one normal, if not particularly useful, reaction to stress can be the sort of work paralysis that you describe.
It is quite possible that this is what initially garnered this reaction from the grad student in question.
He has built up this reaction to the initial hysteria over the past few years.
But elsewhere, the reaction was more nuanced, even subdued.
Another is that those infected seem to have poor reaction times and are more likely to be involved in road accidents.
They recruited a group of video-gamers and compared their reaction skills with a group of non-players.
In equities, the widespread sell-off may have been a reaction to the overoptimism that prevailed earlier this year.
Had policymakers focused on the income-based measure, their reaction might have been speedier and better informed.
Given the amounts of money involved, an initial reaction of scepticism might be forgiven.
But the whole process of ion movement and chemical reaction is slower than the movement of electrons in a capacitor.
When news of this seeped out, the reaction gave impetus to a surge of opposition that swept the government from power.
However, they seem to have been bothered about possible reaction to this, and to have wanted a pretext.
The poor reaction in part reflects fears that rescue money could be withheld.
And their reaction has ranged from slow to staggeringly insensitive.
In the past, though, such collapses did less damage to the financial system than the regulatory over-reaction that followed them.
But distrust of markets and a reaction against farm trade are growing.
But his reaction is cementing business leaders' impression that he is indifferent to their concerns.
These were not mere show cars intended to test the reaction of potential customers.
Various medications are available to help control this reaction.
Fireflies produce a chemical reaction inside their bodies that allows them to light up.
Put together then, chemiluminescence means giving off light via a chemical reaction.
In fact, the retinal reaction alone was a good diagnostic of depression.
Ratios of other xenon isotopes also point to a fast nuclear reaction that involved uranium.
Heat exhaustion is a relatively common reaction to severe heat and can include symptoms such as dizziness, headache and fainting.
The truth is that both are getting bitten, but only one has a reaction to the bites.
The amygdala plays a role in responding to threats, and it can kick off a fight-or-flight reaction when it senses danger.
In reaction to this change, the nematocysts in the cells release more venom--and cause more pain.
These radioactive elements are by-products of the fission reaction that generates power in the nuclear plants.
As sun thermonuclear energy is running out, this dark region will become sizable, at the appointed time of the reaction.
Fuel cells generate electricity in a chemical reaction between hydrogen and oxygen, which yields only pure water vapor.
If you have this sort of reaction it is usually helpful to stop reading and look out the window.
If it's an allergic reaction, a vet can also administer a steroid shot for immediate relief.
Equal opposite reaction would mean he would not be able to move or start rotating.
My initial reaction to this article was to think of perpetual motion machines.
He also developed safer high-pressure blast furnaces to contain the reaction.
Other reaction divided sharply along partisan lines.
Stem cell blindness treatment study reaction roundup.
McDonald's does this all the time: offering new specialty sandwiches at a number of selected restaurants to gauge market reaction.
We asked him what the reaction is when he tells people he's the director of an ice cream school.
T is arguably the biggest discovery never to have elicited any reaction whatsoever.
The other, opposing reaction is to strengthen the hand of copyright owners.
But what we're seeing right now is superficial reaction to inflammatory words and headlines.
But the error may have revealed less about media over-reaction than about another, much larger fallacy.
With all the fuel piled up at the bottom, there is some danger that the nuclear reaction could have restarted.
Fan reaction to the leaked stills has been largely positive.
Part of my beef, then, is undoubtedly an emotional reaction to the bike lobby's effort to poach on our territory.
The obvious reaction, to such a spectacle of dominance, was not to marvel but to laugh.
Writer describes her own reaction after trying on the earrings.
And you don't know when you're going to have that one reaction and go into anaphylactic shock and maybe drop dead.
What is striking is how quickly the reaction of the rebels turned to anger at us.
First, bond markets often take a calmer view than stock markets, which tend to bounce up and down in reaction to news headlines.
Immediately thereafter, she developed an anaphylactic reaction, but survived with prompt treatment.
Many events in biology are considered straightforward, with one reaction begetting another in a linear, predictable way.
The hotter the contents of the cell, the less voltage required to initiate this reaction.
Since this reaction is exothermic--that is, it releases heat--it requires no input of energy to drive it.
All it takes is a catalyst of nickel or ruthenium, and the reaction occurs spontaneously.
As people play video games, their visual-spatial acuity improves and their reaction times are faster.
People seemed to be suppressing their indignant reaction in order to accept a reward that was inequitable but appealing.
It works on the basis that category combinations that contradict our own biases should subtly slow our reaction times.
We recorded their reaction times and found that responses were much faster when the participant was not attracted to someone.
Since it so easily triggers a chain reaction, the yawn reflex opens a window onto mood transmission, an essential part of empathy.
As the density increased, the distance between the nuclei decreased, setting off a chain reaction.
My immediate reaction is that if you read a lot of science blogs you already have the context pretty clear.
Newton also stated that every action has an equal and opposite reaction.
My skin is extremely sensitive, yet there was absolutely no reaction to this cream.
Still, there's no denying the sparkle in his eyes as he recounts the reaction to his comments.
Reaction was predictably outraged, but almost lost in the outcry was the testimony of survivors.
The researchers say that, although the reaction is self-sustaining, it's not difficult to quench.
The reaction at the cathode, in which oxygen molecules combine with electrons, limits the efficiency of a fuel cell.
The reaction is far more efficient than commercial poly- carbonate processes, and the resulting plastic is biodegradable.
The chemical reaction that occurs in lithium-ion batteries is complicated.
The power-generating reaction creates a benign by-product akin to soapy water.
So it's easy to see how a chain reaction of firings can sweep through the brain if conditions are ripe.
Commercially available implantable sensors measure the voltage caused by a chemical reaction that consumes glucose.
The reaction is driven by heat, requiring no catalysts.
And neither has shown harmful side effects, such as an immune reaction to the foreign protein.
These ions reach the anode and begin to oxidize the zinc--a reaction that produces current through the release of electrons.
Other channels in the reactor carry a coolant--typically water--to absorb the heat from the catalytic reaction.
For example, deep pockets may indicate the function of an enzyme, a catalyst that regulates a chemical reaction.
The device, made of acrylic, has a small reaction chamber fed and cleaned via tiny inlet and outlet channels.
When lithium metal meets water, an explosive reaction ensues.
The bromine from the hydrogen bromide can be recovered by reaction with air, and reused.
Other fission products slow the chain reaction, requiring replacement of fuel every one or two years.
Finally violent reaction of filthy personal attacks.
The boron plus hydrogen reaction is nearly radiation free.
Searches may be restricted by selecting the desired reaction type.

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