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Scientists typically respond and react after viruses have already spread.
Another imaging study showed a similar compensation effort might help older people react to social situations.
People react to designer labels as signals of underlying quality.
Some people react to stress by reaching for a few too many drinks.
That's because, he says, it may help us understand how reefs around the world will react to an acidifying ocean.
The louder the call, the closer the danger-and the faster the meerkats react.
But the teachers can change their teaching styles in order to react to different students.
Even natural fragrances can react with ozone in the air to make toxins.
It may well be that our mirror neurons react only to actions that are part of our own motor repertoire.
It's the hardest known material, of course, and it doesn't react chemically with other substances.
They react to acceleration and spin at different velocities depending on the weight distribution of people in the car.
Then he picked up a small stick and put it in the water, seeing how it would react.
Planning what you might do makes you much more likely to react wisely than with emotion.
Heavy bags slow you down and make you unable to react quickly.
Nor do they react to the distress shown by other people.
These however tend to react somewhat more negatively when you tie them to a pole when going off on a holiday.
The same detector would react identically to a stationary edge that increased its brightness without having moved.
But the chimps sometimes flip through the glossy pages, and react to certain pictures.
They react more readily with their surroundings, which makes them dissolvable in paint.
Previous research had shown that some polymers react to light by changing their configuration.
But his response made me wonder how players would react to my queries and presence.
Migration models have been created using information about how birds react to various weather conditions.
Oh, sorry, forgot: alcohol can react badly with many medications.
The lenses themselves react to light and get darker the brighter it is.
When someone had been exposed to valeric acid, for example, he tended to react negatively to a face.
But whether students react this way or can get past it probably depends on your students.
Sadly, too, it is also entirely normal that the outside world is at a loss about how to react.
Someone in the above posts mentioned that our bodies react differently to stress.
Partly because the government has been so slow to react.
The questions are hypothetical, and people may react differently when and if pay walls actually go up.
Even toddlers react positively to members of their own race, but often distrust those from different groups.
The permanence of its inks relies in part on dyes that react with the surface of the paper's cellulose fibres.
Explain to students that some animals react to the amount of sunlight in the day.
The protons then react with oxygen to generate electrical current.
Whether disaster strikes depends on what exactly is driving the dollar down and on how policymakers react.
Generally he does not react strangely to any other sounds.
Advertising firms already film how people react to ads, usually in an artificial setting.
Survival still goes back to some pretty basic skills and some basic thoughts in terms of how to react.
These react to form helium, yet more neutrons and a whole lot more energy.
It has a unique ability to react when it is startled.
Actually, it's probably an indication that the brain itself is impaired, rather than the ability to react to emotional stimuli.
When you see swimmers in the ocean together, you see them react intuitively to the tide's push and pull.
However you react, the cover won't bore you, and the contents will delight you.
Humans don't react in the same way because our brains are different.
They learn how those substances react-and change-in various environments and what to do about it.
It must have been fun watching some of the animals react to the snow though.
They were simply machines, robots programmed to react to stimuli but lacking the ability to think or feel.
Also it's really unproven how these animals react to people in the water.
When they don't react as hers would, she attacks them.
Acids react with carbonate ions, in effect tying them up.
Readers react to series on student-athletes and college majors.
Animal studies can sometimes be of dubious scientific value, since different species react differently to the same procedure.
Studies of the brains of mice show that regions involved in olfaction also react to sound.
They then tested these proteins by mixing them with the molecules they would naturally react with when pigment is formed.
Ordinary citizens will probably react with a mix of cynicism and amazement.
It has developed contingency plans for each scenario so that it can react swiftly whatever the coming months throw at it.
When subject to novel environments it can react rapidly, bringing both the good and the bad.
The drugged minnows appeared lethargic and took twice as long to react to stimulus, making them much more vulnerable to predators.
It provokes individuals to react rapidly, almost instinctively, in the face of perceived danger.
The one major pollutant that still lags behind is nitrogen oxides, which react with hydrocarbons to cause ozone, or smog.
The device has electrodes that specifically react with some of the salt ions normally found in sea water.
It has shifting moods and will react differently depending on how it's used.
Proteins and cell receptors are designed to react only with particular enantiomers.
There are more than four ways a chemical can react with a receptor.
We wanted the viewer to feel approached by the direct look but to leave it open to everybody to react on that in his own way.
They mainly count in giving us an impression of the candidates as people, including how they react to surprises and under stress.
But it's also because people react to losses differently from potential gains.
Which makes sense given that there are such tight feedback loops between what you do and how people react to what you do.
People react much more strongly to potential losses than they do to potential gains.
Until recently, they were among the few dynamic players able to shape events, rather than react to them.
Texting while driving makes people twice as slow to react to things.
They did a whole lot of empirical studies that showed how people did react to incentives, such as changes in taxes or prices.
Her pupils were dilated and did not react to light, indicating that her brain was no longer working.
Uncertainty also stimulates big moves because traders react to it in an unusual way.
He had lost the ability to move, to produce sound, to react in any way.
Companies nimble enough to react to demand, instead of having to anticipate it, have a distinct advantage in the marketplace.
But they often react too late, after the real damage has been done.
To be a good designer one has to be ready to react-react to the needs and opinions of others.
People may know the events but they don't know how the people are going to react to it.
Yet many colleges remain slow to react to that threat, and have failed to tackle security issues with appropriate vigor.
When there's a violation of those expectations, others react to the lack of fairness.
Others react when mention is made of using a computer to sort and match client-identified interests.
When the battery is switched on, the electrode draws in oxygen through the membrane to react with the lithium ions.
Hydrogen and oxygen in these cells react to form hydroxyl ions and electrons.
Water and other molecules already present in the pores of the electrode react with the oxygen to produce hydroxyl.
If a soldier has set up a network of cameras, for example, he or she needs to react to the video as quickly as possible.
If properly chosen, it doesn't react chemically with either end.
The parts are formed by preparing a mixture of ingredients and waiting for them to cool or react chemically.
No, pure aluminum will not explosively react with water.
We are taught to be mentally tough, training repeatedly until our muscles can react automatically.
Affiliates began to react-expressing distaste and reluctance to air the two-hour interview.
What seems clear is that the ability to experience and react to music is deeply embedded in the biology of the nervous system.
Shi'ite mourning is not simply a time to react with sadness.
Be prepared so you can react quickly to any changes.

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