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Many of his sentences amounted to buzz words strung together, without reaching a point.
It was originally used for the protection of the body only, reaching no lower than the knees.
As you approach a point source of light, the number of photons reaching your eye from that given point increases as well.
What does matter is that popular refusal to tolerate the current state of affairs appears to be reaching a tipping point.
Climatologists fear global temperatures may be reaching a dangerous tipping point.
We preferred the type with the door at the top, because it made reaching in easier.
On every hand the human mind is reaching out to solve the problems of nature.
These far-reaching effects illustrate the profound impact air pollution can have on the land.
Between oddball earthquakes and far-reaching hurricanes, much of the country is in disaster preparation mode right now.
Vincent didn't live to know that in his reaching for the stars, he had created a masterpiece.
While no one could deny his brilliance, some accused him of over-reaching in his art-historical interpretations.
Yet their policies had far-reaching, unexpected consequences.
Your potential advisor there is reaching out to you.
It does take time, but not excessive time, and it often takes reaching out for the help which is readily available.
When the fires started approaching, some had trouble reaching the local authorities.
For example, there are certain things you can never do-when a leader is reaching for a dish, you mustn't turn the lazy susan.
And the solutions he offers generally sound small and local rather than deep-reaching and systemic.
Our nation is at war, against a far-reaching network of violence and hatred.
The changes of the period were many and far-reaching.
It must be done by all of us going forward with a program aimed at reaching a balanced budget.
But such far-reaching influences are not demonstrable.
The snail had now considered every possible method of reaching his goal without going round the dead leaf or climbing over it.
The idea is simple, but unhappily it has been a long time reaching us, being hindered by idealism and sentimentality.
No one cared enough to criticise, except himself who soon began to suffer from reaching his own limits.
Upon reaching your monthly reading limit, you'll be asked to subscribe.
In some countries digital television offers another way of reaching the computer have-nots.
Crying is frowned upon, as they believe this may hinder the spirit from reaching heaven.
Big acquisitions were a way of reaching the required scale quickly.
High on the agenda will be the need to forge a new and potentially far-reaching defence relationship.
And so the government is reaching for less conventional weapons.
But with unemployment now rising, far-reaching labour market reforms will remain elusive.
Even before the financial crisis they had begun to implement far-reaching changes.
Reaching a bottom does not mean a quick rebound in economic activity, however.
Horrified by the team's lack of ambition, she sets it the goal of reaching the high-school championships.
The nagging fear is that both trends may be reaching a limit.
He used it to give warning of a large and far-reaching threat.
In essence, it would be a giant cable reaching tens of thousands of kilometres into space to an orbiting satellite.
They must be set against the fact that digital distribution is a low-cost way of reaching huge audiences.
Silicone insulates extremely well, which isn't exactly what you want from ovenware as it blocks the heat from reaching the food.
Government warnings in many languages reaching computers, cell phones and wireless gadgets.
The bacteria survived near the skin, but perished prior to reaching the internal organs.
That's due in many cases to the sheer difficulty of reaching that ice and operating in harsh alpine environments.
But they don't take advantage of all that solar heat, thereby missing out on the majority of the solar energy reaching the cell.
Researchers warn cigarette dangers may be even more far-reaching.
But internal spiritual purity or impurity has far reaching effects.
Weak science reaching for a premature conclusion from insufficient data and an inadequate experiment.
The interpretation of this study is astonishingly over-reaching.
It has stalled and held back decisions for too long, with far-reaching consequences.
Tracking reaching behavior or eye movements will be necessary to substantiate the findings, she adds.
There are not enough aircraft or dry ice capable of reaching the required heights.
And they're getting the methods of reaching people down to a science.
To accomplish goals such as reaching for a meal or swimming, however, an octopus must be able to control its eight appendages.
Even small temperature changes can have far-reaching effects on the life cycles of marine animals from corals to whales.
Read about the difficulties of reaching collection sites and see the author in action.
The loss could have far-reaching consequences, according to scientists and policy makers.
Then the arc begins growing longer and higher in the sky, reaching its peak at the summer solstice.
Scientists had linked the die-offs to the whale population reaching its carrying capacity.
Levels of the gas gradually climbed, reaching about one percent around two billion years ago.
But as global temperatures rise, corals are reaching their upper limits of heat tolerance.
After reaching a sufficient concentration, the samples will be tested to determine which strains of flu viruses are present.
But to-day the primary problem is to avoid a far-reaching financial crisis.
There is now no possibility of reaching a normal level of production in the near future.
The famous theory whose effects have been so far-reaching is extremely simple.
In the silence, you could hear viewers across the country reaching for the remote control.
The situation may soon get even worse, because many of the teachers now reaching retirement age are among the best in the system.
Our deteriorating fiscal condition is going to have far-reaching and rather unpleasant effects.
Cattle reaching for eucalyptus leaves stood beside the road.
Reaching out now can only increase the chances that they miscalculate.
Reaching for his grab-bag, the president pulls out a couple whoppers.
They're far-reaching, multilayered games of money and power.
But once you start turning over rocks and reaching out to help people, there's a whole avalanche coming right behind it.
The company plans to gradually ramp up production at its new factory, reaching full capacity in two to three years.
The sorbents then soak up hydrogen sulfide, so that the gas reaching the fuel cell is sulfur-free.
Charring would not really be an option, because reaching levels that can actually burn paper would probably not be a good idea.
The energy crisis in our country is far reaching and needs immediate attention.
Reaching the park, they found themselves bottlenecked on the perimeter.
Once it was released and absorbed, however, its effects were far-reaching.
But their national deficits on budget and current account are reaching unprecedented levels.
But now the rate of climate change driven by human activity is reaching a level that dwarfs natural rates of change.
Still, identifying a pattern of promotion does not explain personal success in reaching the highest positions.
It could have been his best chance at reaching an agreement.
Violence, being instrumental by nature, is rational to the extent that it is effective in reaching the end which must justify it.
Bars may form when galaxies collide, and they might be an indication of a galaxy reaching middle age.
Meanwhile, the station's storage space is reaching capacity.
Instead, some of the details are lost because some of the light reflected from the trees isn't reaching us.
It simply totes along its bacteria and lets them grow upon reaching a new destination.
Light reaching the edge of a sheet creates a single horizontal row of the image.
He is reaching out cautiously to a horse, perhaps one that's upset for some reason.
Our continued population explosion goes unchecked even though our resources are reaching an unsustainable level.
Often this initial fancy is the result of arbitrary genetic changes but it has far-reaching consequences.
If it works, it should prevent small malaria outbreaks from ever reaching epidemic proportions.
Reaching outward into space has helped us in other ways as well.
Our nation is at war, against a far-reaching network of violence and hatred.
But the current stalemate is rapidly reaching that of political farce, with a distinct possibility of degenerating into tragedy.
No longer defined by bomb blasts and sectarian strife, the city is reaching for new, peaceful symbols.
The environmental movement is reaching a delicate moment.
They also resist reaching an early consensus about candidates.

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