ravishing in a sentence

Example sentences for ravishing

She is an attractive forty-five-year-old who could, if she dedicated time to herself instead of her work, be ravishing.
NO one needs to convince me there is a ton of fabulous winter squash out there, ravishing in hue, shape and surface texture.
The resulting photographs are both provocatively blunt and visually ravishing.
Ravishing as it is, this is a good price for a work painted in gouache on silk laid down on paper, a fragile support and medium.
And there is also that ravishing little gold-mounted amethyst brooch clasped across a light scarf.
The country beauty looked ravishing in a red dress that tied demurely at the neck.
From across the pond comes a ravishing collection of scientific imagery.
She was ravishing in her tailored jackets and argyle socks.
She kneels and prays, tormented only for a moment before breaking out in the ravishing smile of complete acceptance.
The ravishing cinematography and simple moral precepts tap universal responses to beauty and truth.
Sit inside on stools at the counter, or dine outdoors for a ravishing view of the harbor and mountains.
There are ravishing set dance pieces crammed into the ballet.
The ravishing wisps of lace, satin and silk on these and the following pages certainly look as if they belong in the boudoir.
The scene where the couple first discover their musical compatibility is ravishing.
The problems that are ravishing our communities are not isolated to poor and minority communities.

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