ravenously in a sentence

Example sentences for ravenously

But when you have skied all day you are ravenously hungry, and everything tasted wonderful.
He wrote, read ravenously and took daily walks in his garden.
He notes that when diabetics get too much insulin, their blood sugar drops and they get ravenously hungry.
He picks up the meat in his fingers and devours it ravenously.
He read ravenously and widely, excelling in every field from drama and history to biology and mathematics.
The recruits were hot and tired and weary when they reached the station, and ravenously hungry.
On discovering the buckwheat they threw off all fear and feed ravenously.
When found she eat se ravenously that a physician stepped further supplies.
The ice treatment was kept up for several hours before the bear revived, and then he ate ravenously.
The poor people were nearly starved, and when food was given them they ate ravenously.
He ate ravenously and then he was asked how they tasted.
My batches must have been fairly good as they were ravenously devoured by the rest of the family.
He sleeps in all sorts of places, including life-boats and closets, and in the morning he is ravenously hungry.
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