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Example sentences for rattled

Many of my colleagues have received e-mail messages from students that have left them upset and rattled.
You'll only end up feeling rattled, and that's not good for your teaching.
At the same time, try not to get rattled if the interviewers interrupt you.
Most college officials would undoubtedly dispute those charges, and question some of the facts rattled off in the video.
Junior faculty members were rattled when they found themselves the target of his unforeseen attacks.
The moth's wing beats rattled its antennae, which in turn resisted any motion of the insect's head.
Thunder rattled the windows, and the lights blinked off and then on again.
The bus pulled into a dirt lot beside the hotel, and the engine rattled and died.
Girlishly pretty at the age of thirty-one, she appears rattled by the requirement that she not speak.
She was never rattled, and she serenely reeled off one extremist bromide after another.
Even the seasoned outdoorsmen among us seemed rattled when one boat spun around in a circle, completely out of control.
Doctors and dinosaurs, aliens and astronauts rattled the rafters.
Consumers seem to have been rattled by lower share prices and deteriorating job prospects.
The episode has rattled foreigners who had been looking forward to investing in a less repressive political atmosphere.
But their ability to keep up their strike for nearly two weeks seems to have rattled the government.
It was the handle on which bells were hung which would be rattled to scare away evil spirits.
Soaring oil costs rattled rich world consumers while a spike in food prices battered the world's poor.
Yet this year it has been rattled by big protests demanding education reform.
Drills rattled against granite, and the dipper buckets of gigantic excavators made crunching noises.
Every few seconds a blast from live-fire drills rattled the windows.
Rounds rattled off the armor plating of the vehicles, and rocket-propelled grenades plowed into the hillsides around them.
He really rattled me a few weeks ago, when he tried to blame snowfall on warmer weather.
Windows rattled and floors quivered several times a day.
Often these tapes have been doctored or the nature of the transaction was rattled off in a way no one could have understood.
Tenants also complained that they rattled in their frames and formed condensation and frost on the inside in winter.
In other locations, windows rattled violently and walls cracked.
During their stay, the house stayed shivering cold, and its windows rattled against the strong northwest winds.
The agents spread out to surround the lodge and as they approached, machine gun fire rattled down on them from the roof.
The bus swayed and rattled as it tried to make it down the dirt roads and through the village.
House creaked, windows rattled, small objects vibrated.
Buildings shook, dishes rattled, and other objects were disturbed.
It upset playwrights, rattled producers, discouraged audiences.
Casey rattled the handle, kicked the door lightly, could not budge it.

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