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They measure that amount with the probe, which detects the ratios of minerals called olivine, pyroxene and feldspar.
Complexity had extended itself on immense horizons, and arithmetical ratios were useless for any attempt at accuracy.
Sooner or later, companies mature, and they end up at mundane price-earnings ratios.
He expounds enthusiastically upon footcandles and price-point-to-aperture ratios.
There is more flexibility in calculating household income and payment ratios.
Someone at this moment is tallying up commas or meticulously computing adjective-to-adverb ratios.
It lives and dies on its ability to combine sincerity and falsity in approximately appropriate ratios.
There are various recipes with varied salt to spuds to water ratios out there but they all seem to be roughly at that level.
Greenspan is up now, pushing for higher capital ratios.
The ratios of these element forms change with climate and local geology.
There are also other isotope ratios that need to be explained.
Since then the steam-oil ratios have actually deteriorated.
Electricity production from natural gas has among the lowest ratios of social cost to market price.
No internal engine components were changed and the six-speed automatic transmission was standard, including the gear ratios.
Early gramophones and telephones alike had pretty low signal-to-noise ratios.
But crappy contrast ratios rendered us disappointed with the projector's overall performance.
Unsurprisingly, the report found significant variation in borrowing-to-credential ratios across sectors of higher education.
Moreover, these representation ratios are part of a trend.
While faculty-to-student ratios declined on the whole, the role of part-time faculty actually increased.
The article doesn't say anything about the current ratios.
It is one of those ugly realities that only seem approachable through statistics and ratios that compare applicants to openings.
They also compete well across the nation with higher than average medical school admission ratios, especially for rural areas.
When student-faculty ratios grow, instructors often say that the quality of their teaching suffers.
It is mated to a continuously variable automatic transmission with an infinite number of gear ratios.
The poor countries generally have much lower ratios.
Shares with high price-earnings ratios vary more with the discount rate.
Prices nationally have nearly returned to their long-run trend in terms of price-to-rent and price-to-income ratios.
Rising dependency ratios are starting to weigh on growth.
Calculations of financial ratios can be thrown out by wild currency movements, potentially triggering breaches of loan covenants.
The number of foreign trainers has been doubled, improving those instructor-pupil ratios.
Actual weight ratios will of course vary, since gasoline is not purely octane.
Participants also looked at photos of groups where the gender ratios were either varied or balanced.
There are ratios that are optimal in each individual situation.
When cities get too big to maintain these ratios they are less efficient.
There is a high level of variability and differential ratios in levels of estrogen and progesterones in birth control pills.
Most of my math skills were bound by music and colors which to me were tied to ratios.
Therefore, any plant-based approach will of suboptimal flux conversion ratios.
They will measure the ratios of chromium isotopes, and look for one that is characteristic of meteorites.
The types, amounts, ratios of emissions need to be quantified before solutions can be devised and implemented.
Meanwhile, faculty ratios hadn't budged in two decades.
And medicines certainly do work, although their ratios are miniscule.
If insurance companies are making above-market returns, that should be reflected in their financial ratios and stock prices.
They'll lose certification if they don't maintain staff to resident ratios.
Insurers cherry pick skewing their statistics, and when their loss ratios tip, they start cancelling coverage or renewals.
Reference materials and reporting of isotope ratios.

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