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There is no benefit that can rationalize or justify the sacrificing of human life.
We make every excuse in the book, trying to rationalize eating animals or distancing ourselves from our actions.
All of us can stand on our high horse and morally rationalize or justify this or that practice.
Of course, they won't vote to do it, and they won't rationalize not doing it.
Of course, being able to evolutionarily rationalize this feeling doesn't make it go away.
Apologists for the status quo rationalize that toil is humanity's natural fate and burden.
Not surprisingly, low gasoline prices helped students to rationalize their desire for fast, powerful models.
There's also the present value of money vs the future value, which is a good way to rationalize this sort of refinance.
The key here is to compare different alternatives and rationalize.
Prosperous towns adopted the new technology to organize and rationalize their burgeoning complexity.
The problem with economists is that,apparently, they have a limitless capacity to rationalize events after they happen.
The time will come to rationalize the laws of drugs.
Which could be used, perhaps, to rationalize transportation and communication infrastructure investments.
True scientific studies have found that people make decisions first, then rationalize them afterward.
Television fees would further rationalize the thirst for triumph that often quenched the thirst for learning.
It's really a wonder they ever managed to rationalize it at all.
Parents may tell themselves this to rationalize their behavior, but that doesn't make it acceptable.
Rationalize it either as a buffer for getting your act together before vital meetings, or in the cause of saving money.
At that early time the whole thing was so easy to rationalize.
Personify this in religion, or rationalize it in mathematical causality.
Yet people-both investors and policymakers-tend to rationalize away these dangers.

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