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There is no justification, no excuse, no rationalization that can ever make this crime go away.
For human beings to consume their heirs' habitat requires denial and rationalization.
So much rationalization and bad faith on this subject.
He explains his idea of rationalization rather openly too.
Either way, the rationalization is that nothing needs to be done.
Bush has lost his rationalization for high military spending, not its cause.
Now, two years later, that rationalization seems a bit thin.
On top of this is the defensiveness and rationalization of the community as a whole to back up its individual members.
Our amazing powers of rationalization will carry us forward until then.
Claiming that students are utterly unlike any of their predecessors in prior ages smacks of rationalization to me.
The outdoor real estate fair dramatizes the economic rationalization.
There is a problem with such exaggerated leniency and rationalization.
The rationalization of the lower standard of living for younger generations has begun.
On a little reflection, though, that rationalization doesn't hold up.
Rationalization and minimization are their biggest friends.
No amount of rationalization can explain why a president would grant a pardon to someone who has renounced this country.
Film criticism, as it has been observed, is the rationalization of taste into theory.
The difference is that now the artist, who is also a critic, has mastered the art of rationalization.
But this is a pale rationalization that downgrades the hunger of entire families.
In some cases, asking someone to explain why they read is to invite an elegant rationalization.
Naturally, this flight of rationalization would not go unpunished.

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