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The discussion is interesting, because today our superficial rational mind finds its limits and believes in the human ego alone.
Well thank goodness the fossil fuel industry is based on sound economics and rational politics.
The important is being rational, realist and thruer guesses, imaginations.
To attempt to steer a rational middle course between these extremes, however, demands for its success some rehearsal of the facts.
But optimal learning demands a kind of rational control over ourselves that does not come easily.
Much of people's behavior in elevators is not the result of rational thinking.
Well-informed consumers tend to make rational decisions.
And those people go out looking for reasons, something rational to explain an irrational process.
From an economic-utility point of view, our students are making completely rational decisions.
So rational busy people should measure time more accurately, and manage it more efficiently.
My nose and my eyes overrule the rational side of my brain.
There is no reason to suppose that everybody always behaves in a rational and effective way.
There's plenty of blame to go around for these rational times.
There is no rational thought, human life doesn't matter.
Everybody be rational he's having a great time and he's having fun.
Since then, the rational idea behind designing the drug has given way to an unexpectedly complex range of outcomes.
Along with other expenses, editorial budgets must retract until they are rational or the publication will be shuttered.
All of this comes from the ignorance on rational reasoning.
The government seldom allocates capital to private, commercially rational projects.
Add up all the benefits that dogs provide us and compare that sum with the costs, and it is not a rational bargain on our part.
He values smarts, admires educational attainment, and sees decisions as intensely rational processes.
In addition, they may carry on a campaign of education aimed to persuade individuals to adopt rational methods.
These were perfectly rational people, confronted by the turn.
The relative few who actually fought know that the war was not a matter of rational calculation.
Doing so doesn't reflect a rational calculation of costs and benefits, except to the bureaucrats responsible for the airports.
Evolutionary economics explains why irrational financial choices were once rational.
Actually, the fear is rational even for well informed people.
The fact that posture affected participants' answers indicates that the decision-making process isn't as rational as it may feel.
Psychotic individuals usually have problems forming rational, coherent thoughts.
But, then, it throws enough insanity on top to remove its credibility for rational people.
It's time for rational minded scientists to start seriously challenging the ideas behind modern synthetic theory.
When all that's going on is attacking the others motives or position then no rational brains are involved.
The irrational urge to breed undoes all the advances of the few rational minds.
Thus there is no rational justification for using climate model forecasts to determine public policy.
Human behavior has seldom been driven overall by rational problem solving or quick thinking.
It is a much more rational solution than any discussed in the article.
So that means besides other rational reasons, they may simply enjoy this behavior.
Though not necessarily such a well-organized or even rational one.
In a few moments, she can turn from kind to hateful, rational to unhinged.
War and violence, being obvious departures from social and rational order, are viewed as deplorable anomalies.
Violence, being instrumental by nature, is rational to the extent that it is effective in reaching the end which must justify it.
Yet rational arguments in favor of lab meat come up against a challenging foe: the yuck factor.
It's more that it's a-rational: the computers aren't panicking or herding.
The more information you gain, the more rational design you can apply to vaccines or drugs.
Also, it is true that it would be a better, more rational world if speakers weren't condescending and mean.
One cannot base a rational argument on an irrational premise.
These type of rational points need to be brought up.
If you are sure you are right then you have to rehash and rehash until the rational people are convinced.
These people have endured countless pages of contradicting evidence and an unquantifiable amount of rational arguments.
But please stop trying to push your cults on the rest of us rational folks.
Then it turned out that the market was not rational after all.
What is rational to a government employee may not be rational to a citizen.
Elaborate models were created that showed how smoothly economies would work, given rational consumers and producers.
The correct definition of rational allows for people to be ignorant and make mistakes.
Economic theory then predicts that rational individuals will overuse these resources.
His instinct for rational economics has turned him from a protectionist into a champion of free trade.
Zero regulating is vastly suboptimal to rational regulating.
The author has a good eye for the conflicts that can complicate his picture of rational people responding to risk.
Irrational exuberance rarely gives way to rational scepticism quickly.
They found that when making rational decisions, the two groups produced the same results.
Perhaps if the law was rational, and went back to protecting people and property, lawyers would be too.
In other words, spreads are a rational response to economic fundamentals.
Government there has never been about the rational design and administration of policy, but about dishing out patronage.
In between there's plenty of room for rational disagreement.
The way they weep and vomit without warning, it's tempting to think that preschoolers are incapable of rational thought.
The upside is, there's almost no rational reason you should give it a second thought.
More rational pricing of water, even in poor nations, can help reduce misuse on the farms and in the cities.
Rational exchanges among reasonable people with differing views.
Billionaires aren't always paragons of rational, clear-headed thinking.
Ultimately, they'll realize that if they make rational judgements on pricing, the market will keep on growing.
Their view suggests that confidence is rational: people use the information at hand to make rational predictions.
It doesn't mean it's reasonable, rational or good for the country.
Before proceeding with the case study, some explanation of rational function models is required.

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