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The new cabinet is now expected to consist mainly of technical experts rather than politicians.
However, many of my friends have found rather high-paying positions at market-research firms.
Politicians should concentrate on maximising the mental health of their voters, rather than the size of their pay cheques.
Yet teens gravitate toward peers for another, more powerful reason: to invest in the future rather than the past.
We nuke prepared dishes rather than growing our own food and machine-wash ready-made clothes rather than sewing and scrubbing.
He acted as if he were someone running the meeting, they said, rather than as an invited guest.
They often hold multiple positions at the same time, and their job transitions are dovetailed rather than clear changes.
They also found that the fault must have ruptured all at once, rather than in smaller segments.
They wanted their employees to enter the amounts in the machine, rather than doing totals in their heads.
Some kinds of corn are grown for the beauty of their shelled ears rather than for eating.
Instead it's better to turn questions into the kinds of questions that can be answered with evidence rather than opinion.
Focus on consumption, rather than income, disparities.
Further research, he added, should focus on the scarcity of fish rather than the abundance of krill.
Rather than listen to my concerns and identify with my unhappiness, adults labeled me as disturbed and sick.
The proposed building, when it has been erected will offer to contemplation some rather remarkable phenomena.
Paprika is commonly used for its ruddy color rather than for its taste.
Most heroes are more effective when they're social heroes rather than isolated heroes.
He will keep that payout rather than being paid anew this year, and the board has agreed to negotiate a new contract with him.
Rather it is corporate saving that has seen a sharp rise.
Awareness requires a neural dialogue rather than any one key area.
Grown for its foliage rather than its clusters of small pinkish flowers.
And he thinks that cities in developing countries should build up rather than out.
Advanced dementia has often been treated as an amalgamation of symptoms in the aging, rather than a deadly illness in itself.
OK, so the founders' use of the masculine pronoun was rather archaic.
Use them sparingly, to accentuate the plants rather than overwhelm them.
Traditionally, science fiction revolves around action rather than drama, humor rather than tragedy.
Index funds match market returns rather than try to beat them.
The explanation seems to be sociological rather than technological.
In the daytime the place is rather washed out, the colors flattened.
She rather moved deliberately toward cold thereafter discovering she liked cold.
But they would rather take the ladder away and throw a stone instead of offering a helping hand.
Rather scarce and expensive because of time more add to my plant list.
Rather than eliminate tenure, some colleges give faculty the choice of tenure or a status that comes with other benefits.
Principals will use go-betweens rather than talking directly.
Rather extinction may have occurred because humans took over their caves.
Rather open structure with attractive, delicate branching pattern.
Not necessarily at its hardware or features, but rather for its presumptuous name.
Momentum strategies are fast, rather than slow, finance.
Yet some residents would rather run that risk than leave the place they call home.
The process of stating a problem in a language that is acceptable to a computer is primarily intuitive rather than formal.
Rather than being a silly one-off, the slapstick scene embodies the tone of the prehistoric miniseries.
Slow-growing, rather formal-looking plant with conical, dense crown.
The big problem is that it's used to disparage a candidate rather than be a valid discussion point.
Your feline may find it irresistible, but catnip has rather a different effect on mosquitoes.
Both of these tropical species are rather tender, small to medium-size feather palms with graceful foliage and attractive trunks.
The practice of fitting cloth closely to the human form rather than draping it around the body was new.
Automakers have started using hybrid technology to boost power rather than efficiency.
To avoid damaging branches, twist fruit off gently rather than pulling it.
Choose local shops that source their food from nearby suppliers rather than trucking or flying it in from around the world.
So topics and poems tend to show up rather randomly at rather random times.
Rather than tackling this or tossing them out, keep them around for their green foliage.
They move their homes and herds from time to time to follow sources of food for their herds rather than depend on crops.
Most mammals known from this time are thought of as relatively small, nocturnal creatures--the hunted rather than the hunters.
Dry-stacked stone walls are held together by friction and gravity rather than mortar.
If there was only ice, and never an ocean, the cooling of the planet should have contracted the ice rather than expanded it.
Because it vaporizes plastic rather than burning it, the process also creates less emissions than conventional combustion.
Selected for flavor rather than hardiness, they are the crown jewels of summer.
Seeds are rather difficult to start, especially when sown directly in garden.
Carl planted in vertical layers around the perimeter, relying on leaf color and texture rather than on flowers for interest.
Plants look tropical, and their garden value lies in size and structure rather than floral impact.
Use scissors rather than knives to cut herbs, or simply tear the parsley into pieces.
S low-growing, rather formal-looking plant with conical, dense crown.
It is a narrow, glib dollop of canned history, an affirmation of received thinking rather than a challenge to it.
It was probably gold prospectors panning for gold who invaded, rather than panhandlers.
Some places have rather odd agglomerations: whatever works best.
Companies would then buy cheap credits and continue doing business as usual rather than cutting their own emissions.
Your best bet, though, is people you know rather than strangers.
Photograph people being active, rather than merely posing, and take enough time to put the subject at ease.
As he says: become a traveler rather than a tourist.
Technology functions as a tool to enhance your experience, rather than as an end in itself.
In my field it's journal articles rather than books, so the economics of publishing is different.
Research would be initiated by working scientists rather than the agencies.
Rather than talking in a mature manner about intellectual disagreements, these individuals have to go for the jugular.
Bacteria make a lot of smells, mostly ones that we'd rather not think about.
Their diverse ranks have come a long way from their distant and rather simple cousin, the clam.
It is rather off the beaten track and there are few people there, especially in the morning.
My argument was conceived in my den before dawn in a stream of consciousness rather than streaming video.
Flying lemurs don't fly but rather glide from trees on wide flaps of skin stretched between their legs.
Coupled with the rather slow new lenses, you're not going to be able to get much separation.
They can watch, on the screen, as the needle goes into the vein rather than relying on landmarks on the patient's skin.
For example, he wrote about burning coal for fuel and using paper money rather than coins.
People study models now for the sake of studying the models, rather than using them to ask any original questions.
As shade tree, it filters sun rather than blocking it.
Fuel cells, however, convert hydrogen or hydrocarbon molecules rather than solid electrodes into electricity.
Rather than purchase season-specific tableware and decorations, simply accent what you already have.
The corporate raiders treated it as a blubbery target rather than a role model.
Although warthogs look fierce, they are actually herbivores who prefer to flee rather than fight.
And one popular hypothesis is that this cause, too, is fashion-but among doctors rather than columnists.
In other words, the rock is of a type found on continental shelves rather than in normal mid-ocean seabeds.
Leaves rather small for camellia, giving medium-fine foliage texture.
But it is good enough, and scholarly enough, to warrant their attention rather than their scorn.
They would rather be annoyed by the wind than bitten.
Electrical conduit should run inside the counter, rather than through the block cells, wherever possible.
And here comes in the question whether it is better to be loved rather than feared, or feared rather than loved.
The purpose of such an anthology must always be to arouse an interest rather than to satisfy a curiosity.
He shifts the order of the stories at will and binds together rather skilfully those he selects.
Their writers are known rather as authors than as travellers.
Probably the first shells and body armour of living things were protections against drying rather than against active enemies.
He doesn't use it to startle or provoke, rather to provide unexpected pleasures.
Here's a spot for anyone looking for a retreat rather than a resort.
Different drums have different sounds, so in total, it has the pleasing effect of a rather random rhythm section.
But until it does, you'll have to be diligent about weeding because it grows rather slowly.
Rather than being attracted to certain colors, you're inspired by specific objects.
Despite its grandeur, it compliments rather than distracts from its splendid setting.
Religion is largely a matter of faith, rather than scientifically testable propositions.
Rather, the worry is of persistent price declines that characterise true deflation.
In general, a high proportion of supposedly philanthropic giving goes to gratifying people's egos rather than to helping the poor.
However, the modern left-right divisions were rather blurred in those days.
Fox is famous for being opinionated rather than for being profitable.
The bill in question would steer non-violent offenders towards drug treatment rather than jail.
The concept works the opposite way, too-enhancing emotions rather than suppressing them.
They would rather spend their money lobbying government and buying politicians, rather than in improving service.
Crime reduction policies should be based on what works rather than what is politically appealing.
It is the first marijuana-based drug to be made by extracting the compounds from the plant, rather than synthesizing them.
Wash fruits and vegetables in a bowl of water rather than under a running faucet.
Rather, they tested recognition, which in a sense confounds explicit and implicit memory.
Two years is a long time to travel for a blind date, especially if it's a rather homely piece of rock hurtling through space.
As radar images represent surface backscatter rather than reflected light, there is no colour in a standard radar image.
When scarce resources become abundant, smart people treat them differently, exploiting them rather than conserving them.
Or rather, it is four conjoined thumb-drives, perforated for easy separation.
In addition, since private investment wants to retain rather than distribute returns, it favors selectivity over breadth.
There wasn't a lot of evidence of new thinking but rather elaboration of old ideas.
The rising costs have little or nothing to do with an increasing profit margin, but rather the increased cost of services.
To devise common systems and methods of standardization which broaden creativity rather than narrowing it.
Wash your bicycle or your family's car with a bucket and sponge rather than using a hose for the entire operation.
Frogs that live in trees tend to walk and climb, rather than hop.
Rather, lightning tends to strike people in places where there are people to strike.
The trio, rather, is a matter of multiple perspectives.
Rather the problem rests with those wily animals that have adapted to life in suburban and even urban environments.
Rather, native hunter-gatherers absorbed the farming way of life and those who brought it.
Scientists knew that frogs don't produce the toxic compounds themselves, but rather acquire them from their diet.
They should focus on their own understanding of this word rather than a dictionary definition.
Rather than romance, they could covet and treat themselves with sweets.
Sort of, if the communication is learned rather than innate, researchers say.
People used olive oil rather than soap to wash, so the water needed to be periodically skimmed by servants.
The dinosaur bones were jumbled up rather than lying in articulated poses on the burrow floor.
Look for types described as light and crisp, rather than rich or full-bodied.
Imagine all sorts of meats and vegetables sewn into a pig's stomach and boiled-unless you'd rather not.
She and her colleagues have been testing the bonobos' ability to express their thoughts vocally, rather than by pushing buttons.
The preservation was not complete, but rather shows bits and pieces within these areas.
Rather than emitting light, a time-reversed laser absorbs it.
At that size, the device would be small enough to be inserted via catheter, rather than invasive surgery.
The company reduces costs by using pistons, rather than turbines, to generate electricity.
Lyric has introduced a fundamentally new kind of microchip that is based on probabilities rather than binary logic.
The company is one of dozens of startups that have sprung up to make chemicals from plant matter rather than petroleum.
The audio quality of voice calls on any phone, through any carrier, seems to have gotten worse rather than better.
The real problem is extreme programming, or rather extremely bloated programming.
The animals even appear to have regenerated new tissue, rather than scar tissue.
Two startup companies aim to solve these problems by targeting the brain electrically rather than chemically.
Even within the media conglomerates, units compete aggressively rather than collaborate.
So far, society prefers to absorb the cost of bank robberies rather than move to a cash-free economy.
The device is small enough to be worn on a headband, so subjects can sleep at home rather than at a clinic.
It's telling that the push here is from the open-source side of things rather than the commercial vendors.
It allows anyone who receives a check to make a digital image of it rather than having to deliver it physically.
It had taken years to find his true m├ętier, which was theater rather than poetry or fiction, and comedy rather than tragedy.
In fact, the legacy network of copper wires they service is rapidly turning into a cost center rather than a source of profits.
Economic regulations must be developed transparently and communicated to all parties, rather than conjured up when convenient.
He knows that the debt ceiling debate is rather crazy.
At once you notice that you have a rather musical disposition.
It took as its unit of interpretation the career rather than the isolated deed, thought, or masterpiece.
Its purpose is to eliminate wrong hypotheses about economic growth rather than to establish right ones.
Rather he misstates my position as being about consciousness rather than about semantics.
He now lives in a large house, rather modern and new, quite far from the center of the city.
The unfavorable case is a collage of potential unfavorable outcomes rather than a single scenario.
His point is a philosophical rather than a scientific one.
But they can only be made if the full history of these relationships is made known rather than kept hidden.
Researchers tend to look for answers where the looking is good, rather than where the answers are likely to be hiding.
Physicists realized that light is not a wave exactly but rather a wavelike particle called a photon.
Many demographic models utilized in genetics are rather simple.
The challenge is not knowing things, but rather sorting through them to arrive at interesting and meaningful connections.
Cell fusions and horizontal gene transfer are probably best portrait by interconnected branches, rather than diverging ones.
Old mutants floating around in the background noise, rather than new mutants.
Rather, it's legitimate to wonder about the power of relative vs absolute number of deaths.
Rather than helping you get well or stay safe, it becomes an illness in itself.
The tests widely used today often rely too much on multiple-choice questions, which encourage guessing rather than thinking.
The grand hostesses are history, the president would rather be in bed, and there's a price tag on every evening these days.
He decided to set up a sub-business dedicated to commerce rather than ideals.
He has sought and achieved success rather than celebrity.
But you also end up in the company of people you don't admire, including some rather dodgy politicians.
She concentrated on buildings rather than on people.
Sparkling cider, rather than sugar, gives our batter its sweetness.
But whether it matches your idea of what perfect bread is, that's rather beside the point.
The perception should therefore not be that frozen yogurt is healthy, but rather that it's healthier.
Rather, it was fantastically delicate and beautiful.
Rather than cutting them first, decorate the bars and let the chocolate set before cutting.
Peel firm, rather small tomatoes that are bright red.
He had his head down and his eyes closed, but there was a firmness in his face that suggested concentration rather than slumber.
He said if he had a scene that he didn't think was good enough, he'd do it in a long shot rather than try to punch it up.
By featuring our inner demons, rather than the better angels of our nature, humor helps those demons remain inside.
But few have the unerring naturalness of phrasing that allows them to embody the music rather than interpret it.
Rather than pulling us forward, a poem drives us more deeply into the page.
But it must ultimately come down to exercising human judgment rather than relying blindly on statistical models.
You're drowning in fragments of books, rather than reading the entire thing.
Stores would rather deter shoplifters than catch them.

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