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It is incredible that such large birds are so agile and can easily navigate through tangled trees at such a high rate of speed.
Instead, the borrowers would be charged the same rate as all other student-loan recipients in a given year.
He would also close the loophole allowing hedge fund managers to be taxed at a lower rate.
That, of course, requires a solid understanding of what the national college graduation rate actually is.
At low levels rate increases will lift revenue, but not without a cost in efficiency and short-term growth.
Newborns have a high rate of birth defects and a lower survival rate.
Oddly, the survival rate of those near wolves was four times higher than those in wolf-free areas.
The germination rate has been excellent for one thing with hardly any effort on my part.
Online advertisers pay the host site a rate based on every thousand times its ad is seen.
Any change from normal heart rate can indicate a medical condition.
The rate is the percentage of scholarship athletes who earned their degrees within six years.
They have already cut the poverty rate dramatically with their rapid growth.
The world's rain forests could completely vanish in a hundred years at the current rate of deforestation.
But the rate at which damage occurs to the heart cells might be beyond their recovery cycle.
Throw in the weirdo ballots with lizard people, stray marks and indecipherable dots, and the error rate grows even more.
To solve the problem, adjust the rate at which water is applied.
Since they were installed, the suicide rate has slowed to a trickle.
Every five years, note holders may redeem their securities or renew them at a new interest rate to be announced at that time.
The average short-term interest rate in the big economies is at its lowest in recorded history.
But how people use these items and what they demand from these technologies has evolved at an equally remarkable rate.
But the rate at which damage occurs to the heart cells are far beyond their recovery cycle.
Group vegetable plants by growth rate and mature size, as well as by water needs.
Indeed, according to cancer statistics, it does not appear to occur at any measurable rate.
It is melting at the rate of about a meter a decade.
The rain forest homes of many species are also disappearing at an alarming rate.
Oil and natural gas consumption is rising at an unsustainable rate.
And menu prices shredded by the favorable exchange rate.
The federal graduation rate for colleges does not account for transfer students.
The fertility rate is a hypothetical, almost conjectural number.
But scientists believe that the rate of rise was essentially the same for several thousand years: about one millimeter per year.
They also rate themselves lower in leadership abilities than do their peers whose parents attended college.
But signs are multiplying that the rate of growth of blogs has slowed in many parts of the world.
One way to keep things out of landfills is to increase our recycling rate.
Each banana in the bunch should thus ripen at a unique rate.
Approved oils rate as close to flawless as possible.
Proboscis monkeys are losing habitat at an alarming rate.
Their metabolic rate stays elevated for hours after the last weight is put away, burning extra calories.
We invited chocolate amateurs and professionals to rate two dozen plain bittersweet and semisweet chocolates in a blind tasting.
The patterns derive from limestone eroding at a slower rate than surrounding clays.
Astronomers are uncovering newfound planets in orbit around other stars at a meteoric rate these days.
However, the decay rate is increasing and the signs of looting are easy to see.
Problems for all aquifers arise when the rate of withdrawal exceeds the rate of recharge.
Regrettably, predicting exchange-rate policy is a different matter.
For instance: conventional wisdom says that the crime rate should rise during a recession.
That's below the rate of population growth, which is to say that in per capita terms output continues to shrink.
First, there are two potential ways to approach a monetary policy target: rate-targeting and level-targeting.
But this, again, tended to suppress the individuality of second-rate poets.
Since the rate of rotation declines over time, scientists can gauge the ages of stars.
Due to the plodding geological shifts of the continents, the city is sinking at a rate of two and a half inches per decade.
Temperatures would increase at a steady rate around the globe, winters would become milder, snow less common.
Water levels are falling at an average rate of three feet per year.
The rate of global climate change poses a serious challenge today.
We can alter our gait and control breathing at a different rate, which is awesome for long distance.
Improved circulation speeds up the rate that lactic acid, which builds up during a workout, is forced out of those areas.
When you touch the top of the screen, the bit rate, sample rate and other track info appears.
Ten years ago two teams discovered that the universe will expand forever at an ever faster rate, thanks to an unseen energy.
The authors further observe that perception of the chance of success can affect the actual success rate.
The rate of delivery of retinal to the photoreceptors is the probable reason for the relatively slow rate of dark adaptation.
Unfortunately, as the authors report, mangrove forests are disappearing at a hefty rate.
Possible effects on survival rate concerned some biologists.
The rate of net oxygen production by ultraviolet photodissociation is equal to the rate at which the hydrogen escapes to space.
Displacements occur mainly in the ranks of the unskilled, who have a high rate of turnover anyway.
The current rate of warning is unprecedented, however.
While some experts believe the cancer rate has peaked, others warn that it could take decades for all cancers to be detected.
Radiocarbon, present in living organisms, decays at a constant rate in dead tissue.
For example, cocaine increases the growth rate so the maggots grow more quickly.
Of the robust cast of often-cited villains in the financial crisis, few have become as hated as the adjustable-rate mortgage.
Saving was still positive during these months, but the rate of saving was declining, instead of increasing.
It depends on their previous interest rate and mortgage size.
It is certainly true that lower interest rates will make buying a home through a fixed-rate mortgage more attractive to borrowers.
However the rate, with a time lag, has returned to the previous equilibrium.
Cutting the federal workforce could be a good idea when unemployment is back near its natural rate.
It was vital in demonstrating the rate at which the universe is expanding.
The housing boom undoubtedly helped the economy's growth rate and made lots of first-time home buyers happy.
But perhaps the best way to learn of another era is not from great writers but from second-rate writers.
The number of transactions decreased and the exchange rate plummeted.
In the long interim, the unemployment rate went from three per cent to twenty-five per cent.
One day she came across an ad for a counseling center offering private sessions at a reduced rate.
The film is stirring and visually beautiful but not quite interesting enough, morally or formally, to be first-rate.
The typical spend rate for endowed nonprofits is in the five-percent range.
He was a limner but also an artisan, and paid at an artisan's rate to produce what suited the client.
Methodically she laid out the rent arrears, the rate of repayment.
Discusses the city's high crime rate, poor public services, and abysmal public school system.
They have been disappearing a a rate of nine thousand a month.
Narrator notes her enthusiasm and wonders if he is pretending to eat small bugs off the ground at the correct rate.
Cars were racing by at a rate of about sixty a minute.
The problem that confronts us is that every living system in the biosphere is in decline and the rate of decline is accelerating.
They are committed to providing first-rate, loving care with an uplifting, familial ambience.
Or, at any rate, the rising economy meant that all sorts of mistakes would be covered by a rich resale price.
The suicide rate is pretty high in our line of work.
While some appear quite healthy, others appear to be shrinking at an alarming rate.
Should these nations not be able to pay their debts, bond buyers wanted a high enough interest rate to compensate for the risk.
And then you have the adjustable-rate mortgages and other flexible loans.
The homicide rate is eight to nine times that of other major industrial countries.
Among adolescents, the estimated rate of cocaine use dropped almost in half.
Most clothing designed for health monitoring focuses on physiological measurements, such as body temperature and heart rate.
The process continues automatically, producing progressively better bids until one bank is left offering the best rate.
Again it's the logistical obstacles that will be the rate-limiting step.
It turns out that even those data rate claims may be a stretch.
Both the energy consumption and the slow rate of production make the process expensive.
But smaller boulders should fly off into space at this rate of spin.
What's more, these machines are multiplying at a staggering rate.
The precise rate at which white dwarfs cool depends on their internal structure.
Slowing the viruses ability to spread would also reduce the rate at which the tumor recedes and hopefully minimize inflammation.
So knowing its value is crucial, particularly if the impactor changes the asteroid's rate of rotation.
From this sample, state rates are determined along with the national rate.
Syncope means faint and bradycardia means slow heart rate.
To reproduce a particular species, the researchers had only to choose the correct curve and expansion rate.
Nonetheless, the high failure rate begs challenging ethical questions.
Their study involves the rate of water evaporation from metal pans placed at various land sites around the world.
Surely, went the rationale, steering blood around a blockage would lower the subsequent stroke rate.
What the tabloids won't tell you is that the fall of the dinosaurs, while spectacular, is second-rate.
Mortgage mania has truly arrived, to the point where rate talk is all the buzz at dinner parties.

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