ratchet in a sentence

Example sentences for ratchet

We used a ratchet strap to secure the boxes in the back of the truck.
In an area that is already seething with anger at official corruption, the arrests may serve only to ratchet up the tensions.
The flexible, ratchet-lock strap allows for quick adjustment.
They also tend to have less volatility, meaning they don't tend to ratchet up or down in price nearly so much.
The academics, device makers, and pharmacy companies tend to ratchet up the level of care for all patients regardless of value.
It's going to ratchet up the stakes until the country finds itself on the brink.
They only make adjustments that ratchet the results upwards.
As in so many other arenas of conflict, it's easier to ratchet up than down.
Even if you ratchet up the water vapor, there is nothing more it can do.
Moreover, there's plenty of time, since evolution uses a ratchet effect of developing a form and then morphing it for other uses.
National security is a ratchet-it turns in one direction only.
The horizontal engine moved a reciprocating double rack, which geared to ratchet wheels on a shaft that carried the paddle wheels.
For starters, your health history could ratchet up your monthly premium--or keep you from getting covered in the first place.
When you twist the disk, the ratchet wheels grasp and pull a nylon cord inside the shoe.
Arguing and correcting will not only not help, but they will ratchet up the hostility level and make things worse.
It was a monetary ratchet, in which each cycle ended with much higher debt and much lower interest rates.
Blood-feuding, as marked by the ratchet of gunfire in the unbroken gloom of night, is routine.
The colonel is caught in a ratchet and it is tightening.
For way to many, the downward ratchet on wages and benefits seems likely to continue.
It is then hoisted to the mine roof with a strap and ratchet mechanism system.
While the outer tire was still pressurized, the crane operator began to tap on the tire lock with a ratchet to get the lock loose.
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