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Criminal defendants rarely face jury trials, because they have.
If they could only get visas, which are rarely granted, tourists would flock to its beaches and nearby game parks.
Because gorillas rarely use tools, many scientists thought the great apes were less sharp than chimpanzees.
Rarely are the weaker players even on the master level.
Since higher ed rarely seeks efficiencies, they are unusual.
The price of stir-frying and dressing a salad has rarely been higher.
The resulting footage has shed light on rarely seen mating behavior, captured on film perhaps for the first time.
Brain scans and other types of neurological evidence are rarely a factor in trials today.
It has rarely been seen, and the occasion of this exhibition is the needed rebinding of the book.
Geek guys rarely go, unless they are the comic relief.
The job placements of graduates from doctoral programs are rarely made public.
Also, tropical rocks tend to experience deep weathering, rarely poking above the ground as outcrops.
Biomedical breakthroughs rarely outdo nature itself-despite our ever-increasing knowledge of new materials and processes.
Villagers rarely married anyone from outside their town.
The species is rarely found in gardens add to my plant list.
The details and paint jobs may differ, but the general aesthetic rarely does.
Creditors rarely sued and the government was lenient.
The loss of such cars saddened enthusiasts, but rarely has a vehicle's demise occasioned an actual funeral.
Having no hive to defend, they're not aggressive and rarely sting.
College football is an inherently violent sport, but rarely does that brutality extend to the team's mascots.
The isotope does occur in nature but only extremely rarely.
The blue orchards rarely sting and, because of their solitary nature, do not swarm.
Pink to deep red flowers may appear from spring to summer but are only rarely seen.
Animal hermits can learn from their peers, researchers say, even though they rarely encounter one another in the wild.
Some advertisers routinely entreat us to undermine our health, but rarely through overt attacks on healthy behavior.
But rarely do they get mugged by a former customer from a prison library.
Complicating matters is that the source of hot aggression is rarely diagnosed.
Though an amplified voice indicates the machine's importance in the history of science, it rarely draws a crowd.
Ever since she got it, the bench has rarely been idle.
News accounts of the economic crisis rarely put it in these terms.
Because it is only rarely denominated in their own currencies, foreign debt can be risky for developing countries.
It was all theoretical, with rarely any relation to the tangible world around me.
Style changes are rarely capricious, since change plays havoc with the editor's sacred cow, consistency.
Others would argue that administrators are rarely the best and brightest.
But the disease usually responds well to antibiotics, and it is rarely fatal.
Rarely has a birth been so anticipated, or the wait so suspenseful.
In fact it rarely shows up in my garden, though the forest beyond my back fence is full of them.
Foreign students say that because university representatives rarely reach out to them, they rely on each.
Bobcats are elusive and nocturnal, so they are rarely spotted by humans.
But people rarely account for what is left behind after a cigarette has been extinguished.
Of course, there's another side to the accessibility story, one that's rarely in the news.
Edicts were sent out to the blue-collar workforce whom they rarely met face-to-face.
Past efforts by presidents to overhaul big-time college athletics have rarely resulted in significant changes.
Employers are rarely as accommodating as they might be.
Trees in the rain forest may look bunched together, but tall ones actually rarely touch.
Adult animals rarely die from the infection but do suffer permanent weight reduction and a loss of milk yield.
Unless you are on the search committee these letters are rarely seen.
Rarely has an auction of spectrum been so closely watched.
The birds and bees rarely confuse the flowers, and the flowers almost never interbreed in nature.
What is fascinating is how rarely the problem is the nature of the technology itself.
Green beans are a workhorse vegetable: nothing flashy, rarely the star, but always dependable in a supporting role.
Yet products rarely break within the period covered, and repairs tend to cost no more than the warranty itself.
Psychiatric treatments are thus essentially serendipitous: helpful for many but rarely illuminating.
Rarely are employees celebrated for poking fun at the boss.
The question of who audits the auditors is rarely asked.
Unlike vampires, photos rarely come out at night, so kudos to the winners of our night photo contest.
Time might heal metaphorical heartbreak, but an injured heart can rarely repair itself.
Yes, there are palmetto bugs, but only rarely do they actually get in our house.
They waited for a good education, and that rarely came.
Early models rarely arrived without goat cheese and grilled eggplant, red peppers, and zucchini.
Museums rarely include much more information than species name and the state or country where the remains were found.
Rarely does one gene determine one trait, and rarely does one trait vary because of one gene.
Police rarely consider map theft as important as other crimes.
As a result, the book has an immediacy, intimacy and emotional truth that history rarely reveals.
In addition, the exhibition will include a selection of drawings, integral to the artist's method and rarely seen in this country.
Monkeys suffer the same fate only rarely, but then again they can't sing or dance.
Though he rarely spoke of his condition, he seemed aware that his time was short.
The reason is that blue food rarely appears in nature.
Species on the brink of extinction rarely make rapid recoveries.
Clicking and whirring, factory machines are endlessly fascinating for those of us who rarely see them in action.
He was that rarity, which you see a lot in fiction but rarely in real life-a sleeper agent.
For a start, bilateral deals impose so much paperwork and bureaucracy on trade that companies rarely make use of their provisions.
Deflation was not only unthinkable but rarely mentioned in the press.
Although the three are supposed to produce the same result, they rarely do.
Clients rarely say they hire a firm on the strength of its free publications.
Nor do senior scientists, who are rarely punished for fraud, set a decent example to their juniors.
Who is going to end up in power is rarely obvious at the start.
Sport is a multi-billion-dollar industry, they note, but its underlying economics are rarely studied.
Rarely, surgery is needed to repair a tear in the dura and stop the headache.
Granted, teenage manners rarely offer a model of etiquette.
Rarely is sleeping so enjoyable to watch as when the sleeper is a bear.
As our stoniest winter sports enthusiasts, snowboarders are rarely in a hurry.
Alligators heal fast, rarely get infections, and survive in murky water on diseased food.
Researchers have access to jaws and teeth from that period, but they rarely come across full skulls.
Because absolute certainty is rarely an option, regulatory programs would not be effective if such proof were required.
We vote rarely, so the procedure never becomes a well-practiced routine.
Individuals travel in small groups and rarely attract attention by leaping or splashing.
Ironically, the typical driver rarely uses much of the horsepower under the hood.
Since cheaters are rarely caught red-handed, scientists devised a plan to catch them with the packaging inside their bodies.
Rarely, viruses can also regain their ability to reproduce, posing a risk of becoming infectious.
Rarely is it ever discussed how physicians salaries have soared against other professions over the last century.
Marijuana use can be problematic but only rarely leads to addiction.
Foreign vessels rarely use these for lights, and not a single fire has occurred in them at our cotton ports.
The insanity defense, rarely used, is widely misunderstood.
Universities may be the source of cutting-edge knowledge but are rarely cutting-edge organizationally.
While our current interest in diversity is laudable, colleges rarely think of disability when they tout diversity.
The committee's meetings rarely attract any notice at all, much less controversy.
Rarely is such warmth and humanity present in the world of curriculum vitae, publishing histories, and pedagogic philosophies.
Many evening programs are cash cows, in which resources and opportunities rarely match their daytime counterparts.
In my experience, faculty members at two-year colleges rarely leave to take tenure-track jobs at four-year colleges.
Even history majors are rarely required to take such courses.
Be aware that writing for corporations rarely begins and ends with crafting powerful prose.
Faculty hires were on a revolving door, rarely lasting more than one year.
He rarely read my papers but was quick to read papers from other students.
Rarely, if ever, is there a desire to shortchange a new hire.
She regrets that she can rarely answer letters personally.
In fantasy baseball, a player's defensive skills rarely enter the conversation.
We have been together a year and a half and rarely fight.
Consumers have long said in surveys that they want healthier food choices at restaurants but have rarely actually bought them.
Temperatures rarely fall below freezing or rise above the mid-eighties.
Rarely do the desserts warrant the journey to the bar, or the premium pricing.
Rarely observed, this brazen feeding behavior originates with smell.
More rarely, a tsunami can be generated by a giant meteor impact with the ocean.
They rarely fight, and they have no natural enemies.
Go underground and meet this salamander that's both large and common, yet so secretive it's rarely seen.
These stealthy cats avoid humans and hunt at night, so they are rarely seen.
These are some of the rarely seen sea creatures found deep in the ocean, in a world of total darkness.
Oh, and he was wrong about smokers rarely getting sick.
On current evidence, the two groups interbred rarely, if at all.
Despite their intelligence and function as scavengers, crows are rarely popular birds.
The results could shed new light on an animal that is rarely seen outside the darkness of the deep.
Although they can release their muscular foothold to tumble in a current-a few can even swim freely-they are rarely in a hurry.
They then lifted up the wooden box containing the rarely seen mummy and slowly carried it out into daylight.
It must not be based on seeing the nest entrance, because a returning ant rarely runs straight down into its hole.
The bees' main defense-stinging-rarely works against the hornets, which are armored with tough plates of cuticle.
Researchers rarely sight them in the wild, let alone observe them for hours on end.
Nudibranchs' colorful lives are short, lasting less than a month in some cases, and rarely more than a year.
Becoming a richer, more powerful country has rarely been relaxing.
And since you rarely see the same configuration of instruments twice in a row, you rarely hear the same kind of jazz.
Yet the records they push rarely sell eight million copies.
His performances rarely get far before the words dissolve into a moan.
While television has given us its share of personalities, it's rarely helped shape an actor.
They play doubles as if they were a single organism, rarely saying a word or using hand signals to set up a shot.
Daley is an unreconstructed old-school pol: rarely glimpsed without a suit jacket, fluent in the ancient political rituals.
Despite a resilient, even booming economy, peace and stability have rarely seemed so distant.
The paradoxes for which he is so famous are rarely paradoxes in the strictest sense.
The routes of heavy coal trains rarely include grades much over one per cent.
They were rarely given a thorough evaluation for addiction, mental illness, or other typical afflictions.
As a result, oysters today are mainly a nostalgia food, rarely eaten at home but served in restaurants.
She rarely scolded us and let me give up piano at age seven.
All this for swells that, let's face it, rarely amount to more than the wave equivalent of a bunny slope.
Prostate cancer that has spread beyond the fat surrounding the gland is rarely curable.
They rap over a variety of tracks, mostly made by producers outside the group, and the music is rarely difficult or abrasive.
Medical technologies are too rarely evaluated with scientific rigor.
But a relatively new strategy, targeting a rarely seen portion of the virus, is now showing some success.
The cells could form three-dimensional structures, a feat rarely achieved with stem cells.
But these strategies alone rarely close the finance gap.
They rarely shoot their guns, and prefer to depend on authority and persuasion.
The news snippets are perfect for online carriage, with each rarely lasting more than a couple minutes.
People rarely give their first names to those they don't know well.
Called bully whippets, these dogs are rarely champion racers.
The historian who is merely a historian is rarely encountered.
The comedy is long-winded, and didactic, rarely either rapid or amusing.
The school to which, almost without exception, they belong has been constantly attacked and rarely defended.
He obtained and partially examined many gases, but rarely troubled about separating them completely from impurities.
Fortune has rarely condescended to be the companion of genius.
Though possessing potent satiric gifts, he but rarely has recourse to them.
Those who do not read criticism will rarely merit to be criticised.
Riches take peace from the soul but rarely if ever confer it.
More rarely, the bone is developed by two centers, placed side by side.
Illustration, even of conceded truth, is rarely superfluous.
It is true he was rarely heard to speak, but smoked his pipe incessantly.
Lightning may blast and blacken, but it rarely gives rise to widespread fire.
More rarely still the upper end of the sternum may be divided by a fissure.
Debates over representation and cultural difference rarely spill into violence.
Ridge soaring is the way of gliding that allows higher speeds since a pilot rarely has to stop and climb.
It is rarely a subject for serious study, and the students are conspicuously absent from worship.
While that's certainly possible, new health discoveries rarely work out that way.
Good players rarely stretch or change their expressions.
Concert exasperates people to a certain fury of performance they can rarely reach alone.
Results are rarely about a single factor, and a single factor doesn't always produce the same results.
When hospital boards and executives talk with architects and designers, it's rarely about the imaging department.
To date, they have rarely leveraged this potential, instead subsidizing unnecessary business relocations and stadia building.
Successful advertising rarely succeeds through argument or calls to action.
Paleontologists are always looking for vast new caches of clues about ancient life but rarely expect to find them.
She'd read that ovarian cancer is rarely cured unless caught early.
Fortunately, aside from an itchy bottom, sufferers rarely experience serious harm.
The connection was never made before because paleontologists rarely see dead parrots.
Magnetic resonance imaging is more detailed, but it is rarely used to screen pregnancies.
Yet despite those bad actors, you will rarely get an infection by biting the inside of your cheek.
The sign language of a particular country is rarely contingent on the spoken language that surrounds it.
Their menus are routinely reviewed by nutritionists-but rarely by food critics.
Despite that, science rarely becomes part of big-league politicking.
Once he was hospitalized, he told us that he rarely if ever went outside, except in emergencies.
One result is that lionesses must tolerate cubs not their own stealing milk--something rarely seen in other carnivores.
Climate may be fickle, but it's rarely that malicious.
Neutrinos are tiny particles that rarely interact with matter, making them incredibly difficult to study.
But in medicine, dramatic cures are rarely as simple as they may seem.
The light is always at the beginning of the tunnel, rarely at the end.
Yes, her husband used many paints and chemicals in his custom car business, but she was rarely at his shop.
The septa rarely grew straight across the inside of the shell.
They rarely meet, but when they do, they can breed with one another.
But rarely have they watched one take place before their eyes.
Conspiracy theories are rarely true, even though they have great appeal and are often widely believed.
He worked nearly all the time and rarely seemed to relax.
He paid his suppliers immediately, and there was rarely a shortage of parts in the office.
The book is packed with hundreds of rarely seen behind the scene photographs which you can preview here.
Her beautifully made-up face rarely cracked a smile, and when it did, looked tight and strained.
They rarely went to bed before two or three am in the days prior to the atrocities.
But the sad truth is, age rarely makes somebody dirtier.
He barely reacts to what is said on the stand, and he and his lawyer rarely chat.
Rarely was there a formal sit-down except for holidays, birthdays, or funerals.
She was friendly, teasing, and accessible in a way that members of the royal family rarely are.
Rarely does the question of the origins of human language provoke serious attention from linguists.
It is difficult for researchers to enter a school to study teacher behavior, and they rarely do so.
Indeed he rarely bothers to define them, much less to use them consistently.
Rarely has so eventful a life been led by so colorless a figure.
Such shocks often dislodge individual lives, but they rarely traumatize societies.
Accidents occur exceedingly rarely, but they cannot be eliminated entirely.
Such points have been made before, but rarely by such hardheaded members of the academic establishment.
There was little revenue outside philanthropic contributions, and the small building was rarely crowded.
In my experience and observation, senior appointments are rarely based entirely on merit.
The artist himself rhapsodically described his hometown's pearly and rarely directly sunny light and marine air.
Everywhere else in the country, things do happen, but always without warning-and rarely with anyone to witness them.
Rarely have lawyers been paid so much to lose so much.
To set up a private connection requires permission from the government, which is rarely granted.
Doctors are rarely taught to ask how an error could have taken place, let alone how it could be avoided in the future.
Rarely do recitalists announce an encore with an explanation of how they built the program.
Months of work often prove completely unproductive, results rarely come rapidly.
Ingratiating performances of these rarely heard, unaccompanied works.
The singer-songwriter didn't traditionally say much to the audience during concerts and rarely gave media interviews.
We spend an estimated year and a half of our lives on the toilet, yet the humble seat rarely receives its due.
Good news rarely kicks up controversy, but this may be an exception.

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