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The disagreements do not always arise in rarefied contexts.
As colleges expand entrepreneurship education, more are giving hands-on schooling in the rarefied world of start-up finance.
But the outsider had an in: his father, a mathematician, brought him into the rarefied world of the university.
He doesn't gush about balsamic reductions or rarefied vintages.
Lift is a problem in the rarefied air of the stratosphere, and it seems such a design can help.
During the cold war space was largely thought of as part of the rarefied but terrifying domain of nuclear warfare.
Yes, because what was beforehand essentially a rarefied set of references became something everyone enjoyed.
To find better answers, it may help to look past pendulums and polls and turn to the rarefied realm of political ideas.
All that they consider is either more, less, or the right regulation in the rarefied air of academic and professorial discussion.
The gas in the hot bubble is too rarefied to produce much light in spite of its enormous temperatures.
Not many people do this, being focused in their one limited and rarefied sector.
In more-rarefied circles, however, the company provokes equally intense but quite different emotional reactions.
And show dogs are rarefied creatures, often refined and styled to the point of caricature.
Knudsen made important contributions to the study of rarefied gases.
The contractor shall perform testing in a rarefied environment and all support activities in order to enable such tests.

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